Galloway = Lord Haw Haw

Such a silly man…

MP Galloway
Suspect ‘met Galloway’

TERROR suspect Waheed Zaman met controversial MP George Galloway many times, his sister said last night.

Safeena, 24, said of her 23-year-old brother: “He saw it as his duty to stand up for his community and that’s what led him to know George Galloway. He has a lot of respect for him and has met him many times.”

A spokesman for MP Galloway, left, said: “Waheed Zaman is not a name that George is familiar with. He is not known to him on a personal level.”

There is no suggestion Galloway is an associate of Zaman.,2-2006370177,00.html[/quote]

The Sun? I refuse to click on the link.
A paper that lies with the best politicians around.
That rag isn’t good enough to use as bird cage liner.

Was that photo of Galloway taken during his recent appearances on TV? cool outfit :wink:

I’m afraid that Galloway’s outspoken ways will land him in serious trouble, particularly given the fact that the UK’s restrictions on personal freedom are so severe. There are certainly those in the anglo establishment who would love to see him swing (no - I’m not referring to his cute outfit and dance moves).

BTW= was “Lord Haw Haw” just an intense anglophobe or was he a true believer in German style National Socialism? whichever it was he was certainly a powerful tool in Nazi psy-ops. :loco: