Gambling Tips

Bet the farm on Cabbage.
By a head.

Dude! Are you kidding?! He’s 0-2 this year already, with losses to Butterbean and Hamanaka!

Wait, we are talking about Wesley Correira, right?

A Smith & Wesson beats 4 aces hands down.

Sell your jack-o-lantern futures before October 31st.

If you’re betting on the flip of a coin, always bet the opposite of what the coin just did. For example, if the just game down heads, the next time it comes down tails, every time. I just tried it out in my head and it works every time. 100% guarenteed

[quote]A Smith & Wesson beats 4 aces hands down.

Shouldn’t that be “hands up.”

Best gambling tip?



[quote=“ImaniOU”]Best gambling tip?


I bet you 200NT I could get you gambling before the end of the day.

This guy is f**ked up.

:astonished: I think John Daly has a wee gambling problem! :astonished:


So he lost 50 million. At least he had 50 million.


Thanks Fox. That is good. I bet someone reads it.
I wish I had that NFL Films video where they read If and show scenes from American football. It is so cool.

I bet you’ve made a life out of readin’ people’s faces,
And knowin’ what their cards were by the way they held their eyes.
so if you don’t mind my sayin’, …thanks.