Game of Thrones Discussion (may contain spoilers)

Episode 06: Lost one, but those dragons kicked some ice. One blue eyed dragon will make things interesting.

Would be pretty awesome if you put a spoiler tag on that OP of yours.

Not everyone is always up to date with the game.

Not everyone is up to date on everything we talked about here. And how long is it a spoiler for like a day or a week or a month or a year or what?

How do you add a spoiler tag?

Highlight what you want blurred then click on Options.

I agree with you. If you just tag your thread title with (Spoilers Inside), then the snowflakes can stay away. I can do that for you if you want.

I honestly didn’t know about this feature. What’s the best way to get into GoT? I saw the first few episodes and then the newest ones. I think it’s one of the most boring shows ever conceived and every character sounds like Ben Stein. What am I missing?

The show has already been shown. Are we supposed to add spoiler tag on all TV shows?
What about movies?
What about sporting events like the Universaide?
And the UFC fights?
Football games?

None of those have spoiler alerts. A huge part of this forum is discussion about events that have already occurred.

People keep posting things here that I don’t know about and want to watch live or online later after the event actually occurs.

What needs to be spoiler tagged or alerted???

When is it appropriate for you to unblur my original post?

Why? Just click the text and you can read it.

Like I said, I agree with you. Everytime I go out with other humans, I try to turn the conversation to a GoT chat, but, invariably, everyone chides me about spoilers.

I’ve also been spoiled on UFC fights and hockey games. So if there is something I really wanna watch, I stay away from social media. IMO, GoT is a special beast however. So I grudgingly respect the snowflakes’ wishes.

But now, we are safe here to say whatever we want.

Like, where did those chains come from?

The long haired hippy WW carries them around in his bat-saddle. But where was Zombie Giant during the tug-o-war?

I was kinda expecting the dragon zombie thingy but it’s sooooooo cheesy, I was hoping they wouldn’t do it.

I wonder if Arya knows she’s been “tricked” by Littlefinger and she’s just playing along. It would lead to a nice loop of YOU ACTIVATED MY TRAP CARD - NO, U ACTIVATED MY TRAP CARD - NO, U etc etc.

This season they’re REALLY pushing it with the teleportations and time-stretching. I understand the time limitations, but the last few episodes have been off the rails.

Hey guys, for your convenience no blur/spoiler tag is necessary in this thread now, if you so choose, as the title has been changed to sufficiently warn people about it.

Reminder: As a general rule, if you’re going to start a discussion thread that includes spoilers, either a) use blur spoiler function, or b) include spoiler warning in your title.


There’s no rules in place telling you when or where to use spoilers, but it’s just internet courtesy to add a spoiler tag. In terms of GoT and it being a global phenomenon both old and new episodes, it’s best to use spoiler tags.

The real duel is happening a bit more north…

You are not wrong.

This episode felt too long… too slow. Actually, the “big” happenings and “cruicial” meetings were not as emotionally rewarding as the little stuff.

And there is an overlooked thing just at the end that is quite a puinch in the gut. Only bravo/applause moment.

Overlooked thing? Huh?

Well, at least in the plot spoilers that have been around. It is the worst of an oh oh no.

So mysterious. This is a spoiler-friendly zone. Please be clear. Are you talking about the wall coming down?