Gamers and opponents wanted (will do with victims in a pitch)

I will be in Taipei this summer (July 16th till August 28th) and am looking for gamers.

I am into consims and strategy games. Less so into tabletops, TCGs and family games. No computer or RPGs. Not afraid of any complexity level, MMP’s (former AH’s) ASL has been an ‘easy one’ to me.

My luggage will not allow me to bring along a lot (if anything), so we’ll have to fall back on what any of you brought along.

At the risk of annoying those who’ve already seen this…

I have a website set up that lists gaming resources in Taiwan at, and there is also a Yahoo group at Both are primarily concerned with RPG’s, but there are people on the list who are into consims, boardgames and lots of other stuff. Please check both out! :smiley: