Games club for Hsinchu

The three of us (I, me and myself) have started our own games club in Hsinchu. Our first get-together will be at Subway across the train station in Hsinchu at 6pm next Sunday. If nobody is going to join, I’ll have to go knocking from door to door. Personally, I like scrabble. Don’t let my avatar put you off and the same goes for my spelling.

If bad spelling is any indication of how you do in Scrabble, I wouldn’t mind the commute to play you. I’m tired of getting my butt kicked in Scrabble by these guys down in Taipei. :wink:

Good luck in branching out of Games Club. Perhaps one day the two (so far) Games Clubs can meet up in a day trip to the mountains or something.

It’s closer for me than Taipei, but 6pm is a bit late to start, there’s limited train service back to my little hick town.

One idea to get things started is making the focus of “Games Club” on one game. The original one started accidentally from me trying to start a Chess club. That got started, but eventually the Game Club weirdos, scared away the chess club weirdos and it turned into a Games Club.

I’d be delighted to have you and Dr. Zoidberg as guests. How about this Sunday. I have Travel Scrabble that I bought in 1994 so a few tiles have gone missing. Does anybody have a good set? Anybody else who would like to join is most welcome. We can decide on the venue once we know if we have a minyan (which is two or more in this case).