Games Club - New members (and games) wanted

Games Club seems to be stagnating with extremely long strategy games (game time of 3 hours+) like Settlers of Catan and Game of Thrones where people who do not arrive early (meaning before the posted time of 3pm) are excluded and usually end up leaving frustrated because they haven’t played anything at all during the 4 hours they sat around waiting for a single game to end. It seems that newer members of the Games Club are not aware that the purpose of Games Club was to promote both game playing and socializing. Instead, it seems full of cattiness and people getting nasty because they aren’t winning and set up games without even asking others what they want to play. This action is very reminscent of behavior that also caused a drop in members when G.C. met at Shuang Yu Cafe a few years ago. A lot of past members quit attending because of this and it seems to be surfacing again.

Games Club needs new faces and new games. We used to play games that were shorter (play times of under 1 hour) or where people could join in the middle of them, even those who played chess would also take some part in other games at the same time (or those games would only take 2 people out of the main group as opposed to 6 people out of 8). Some of these games included Boggle, Scrabble, Phase 10, Ligretto, Chinese checkers, and Flux.

If you enjoy playing board games and have Sunday afternoons free, please drop in to visit the Witch House. Feel free to bring your own favorite games with you if you wish. We could use some new personalities.

I’m stagnating waiting for my membership to the games club group to be approved.

Unfortunately, for some reason, that approval lies in the hands of an inactive poster who rarely goes to Games Club and not the hands of the moderator of the Sports, Fun, and Games Forum who does. Go figure. :unamused:

Anyways, you don’t have to be a member of the Games Club list to join Games Club. Hell, most of the people who go don’t. All you have to do is want to play games.

I’d like to point out that that list serves no purposes other than “advertising” Game Club. Funny this post came today, I was going to post something similar…

Becasue of my various new Sunday activities I haven’t been able to make many game club apperances, but the last 2 or three times I went, I was confronted by the presetup long game that, even though might have been good, I wasn’t interested in playing (always now because of time restraints).

My main reason for Game Club isn’t actually the games, it’s 1st being social, then games. There are only 2 games that I take SERIOUS seriously right now. Go and Chess, but I rarely have oppents for them, so I have to settle for regular board games (which I like a lot os well.)

Well Imani, something I’ve always wanted to do (but never got around to doing) is making a website to promote game club. The content of the site would be fairly simple, the location, games we play, and shiznit like that. If you get together the content, I’ll make the website (or you could make the whole thing and I’ll host it.) Then I’m suer Maoman or Gus would put up a banner for us in the rotating bannermathing. I’ve also thought an email list would be cool.

Anyhoo, I’ll soo be limited to coming from between 12:30-3:00ish and that’s what I’m going to start doing. I play all the games (assuming I have time) and I’ll teach any game I “know” (I’d love to have a Go opponent.)

I’ll be there next week around 12:30, that’ll be some fresh old blood :slight_smile:

It seems cool to me to go on with those strategy games if that’s what the current bunch of folk like playing. There only needs to be 2 extra people to get a game of something else (like Go :smiley:) started.

One more thing. I’m sure that reason is because I started it :raspberry:. And my online inactivity is inversely proportional to offline activity.

(can’t see’m but there are 2 golds there :smiley:)

[/ego flex]

How can I help? Let me know…

Ummm, can I just point out that the posted time is in fact 2 o’clock?

M-Kid, you da man! I would love to learn to play Go, but I won’t be there for the next two weeks because I’ll be spending my Sundays in the lovely company of Loretta (on the IELTS course).

Hopefully there won’t be the same monopolization, no pun intended :laughing: , of what people play by someone setting up games before anyone else even shows up any more. Especially of games that take more than 4 hours to play for those who already know how to (6+ hours if there are new players).

I am all for going back to short games where the instructions aren’t 10 pages long and gameplay is under 1 hour, like the good old days (but this time with better food :wink: ).

I think if only one or two alternating weeks per month were spent playing longer kinds of games and the others were spent on these simpler ones, attendance and the ease for new members to join would be improved. People could pick and choose which weeks they would prefer to attend or at least know that if they go on a long game weekend, they shouldn’t set their heart on playing anything more than one or two games.

But that’s just my take. Games Club is a democracy, not a dictatorship, and I am far from being the only person who has an opinion about how things have been going of late. Or rather, not going. It’s time for some changes.

And for the record, ensign, the only reason why Games Club was bumped up to before 3pm was because people wanted to play long, complicated games and didn’t want to be there all night. Historically, or at least for as long as I can remember of all the years I’ve been going (gosh, has it really been years now?!), it’s been set for 3pm until we started going to Chit Chat and playing games like Diplomacy and Settlers of Catan.

For what it’s worth, considering I’ve only attended once since last April (I’m coming back, honestly!), I’ll cast my vote with ImaniOU. I would rather play four one-hour games than one four-hour game.

Agreed! :smiley:

And for the record, ensign, the only reason why Games Club was bumped up to before 3pm was because people wanted to play long, complicated games and didn’t want to be there all night. Historically, or at least for as long as I can remember of all the years I’ve been going it’s been set for 3pm until we started going to Chit Chat and playing games like Diplomacy and Settlers of Catan.<<<<<

Um, the ‘sticky’ thread , (below this one) where the Games Club was noted as moving to the Witches House, specifically says 2PM, and was posted in December 2004.
I specifically said this, because part of your point in your original post seemed to be that people who turn up after the club ‘starts’ find that a game is already going on…so, perhaps you need to adjust your mental clock slightly and remember that it hasn’t started at 3PM for some time now. :slight_smile:

However, in ANY club, those who come later will find members who came earlier have often already begun activities. Or are you going to suggest that the club have a “don’t start anything until member X arrives” rule? I myself have several times arrived after 2PM to find a game already in progress, or being set up.
My choices are: 1/ join in the game being set up,
2/ask them to start again, 3/ start a new game immediately, or 4/ wait until there are enough people/enough people in agreement as to what to play, and start a new game. No problem. As for reading the Sunday paper, or gasbagging until the first game finishes… that is also a sociable option. I have been known to do that too :slight_smile:

In my observation, at Game Club, a game doesn’t ‘start’ until there are at least 3 players willing to play, and others will join in during the setting up time, or sometimes a game will either start again or even finish when more people arrive. Since most people like to play multi-player games, if there are quite a few people there at 2PM then there is often some discussion before a consensus of what to play is arrived at.

Additionally, there are people coming and going and games being started throughout the time from 2PM until 10PM (when the Witches House closes). I don’t recall any occassion at Games Club where anyone has been ‘forced’ to play a game that they don’t want to…we are all adults after all.

Further observations: your comment

Especially of games that take more than 4 hours to play for those who already know how to (6+ hours if there are new players). <<<<<
hits a very big nail on the head: tfinding a balance between finding new games to play, and playing to death familar ones.
I have observed in various game clubs in various countries that I have been a member of, that people when thinking about playing a new game for the second time very often forget that part of the reason it took X hours last time is because it took a significant amount of time to teach the rules, and get familar with the game. Also some people often dislike spending a game feeling lost and refuse to play it a second time, despite the fact that for many games the experience naturally improves as you play more.
This has the unfortunate effect that people think some games take longer than they actually do. It can also sometimes mean that a game will always take a longer time because there is always a new player. And some people just play slowly anyway :slight_smile:

Sorry, I plead guilty to arriving on time and setting a game up. I had however, already arranged the previous meeting with the interested players that we were going to play that game. Others can make this kind of arrangement too, should they desire.

Also, there is a huge selection of games of varied playing time and usually a large number of players at the Witches House. Most people can find something they want to play.

Somehow, this is making me a little hesitant about trying out the Games Club. :s
Hopefully this tension doesn’t carry over to the actual events on Sundays.
I still hope to try and go with my wife the next time we get a chance.

Hi, Scomargo,

You are most welcome to come along to Game Club. As with most games, the more the merrier.

There are a very wide variety of games there, and people willing to teach any new games that take your interest.

Just ignore the debate here, so far it simply reflects the fact that different people have different preferences in games, which is hardly surprising.

Although the posted time is 2PM, it also usually possible to start a game any time. If your wife goes with you you will at least be able to play a two player game :-), or if you speak Chinese, there are games going among the locals at the cafe too.

As I said, there is bound to be a game to suit you :slight_smile:

[quote=“scomargo”]Somehow, this is making me a little hesitant about trying out the Games Club. :s
Hopefully this tension doesn’t carry over to the actual events on Sundays.
I still hope to try and go with my wife the next time we get a chance.[/quote]
And to both the original post and the above, I say:

The problem likely lies in the nature of games at the Witch House and the type of person those games attract. There are tons of strategy games, most of which have 20 page booklets. So, people have gotten into the habit of going to the shelves and looking for a new game every week.

I was once a GC regular. After some months at the Witch House, I had had enough of the Game of the Week phenomenon and didn’t want to deal with learning a complicated game on a day when I was trying to relax. Unfortunately, many games, which were fraught with tension, felt more like work and stress than fun.

Furthermore, the Witch House is not cheap, and the food portions are small.

Solution: Find another place for Games Club, and have people bring their own games. This will solve a number of issues and help GC regain some of its former “fun”.

Jefferson, I honestly find what you are saying here to be rather puzzling. There are a very wide variety of games at the Witches House, and very few I would class as ‘strategy’ games. Are you seriously suggesting that games we have played there such as “Ticket to Ride”, “Domaine”, “Santiago”, “Puerto Rico”, “Settlers of Catan”, “Princes of Florence”, “Modern Art” et al are strategy games?

IIRC, I first attended Games Club in April, and for several months “Puerto Rico” and/or “Settlers of Catan” were played almost every Sunday for months. In the last couple of months, sure we have been trying out new games, because many people feel they have played both “Settlers” and “Puerto Rico” to death. Trying new games from among the many at the Witches House is an attempt to find a new game that more people are interested in playing, and to eventually ensure that there are a variety of games people know how to play. This will hopefully mean that in future we are less likely to play a game to death. I would hardly call that “Game of the Week”, especially considering that Puerto Rico and “Settlers” ARE still being played.

I also distinctly recall you as saying last week: “I don’t want to learn a new game”. This was when we invited you to join the game we were setting up. Sure that particular game may not have been to your taste, but if people aren’t playing games you want to play, and you aren’t willing to play new games, then there you seem to be in a Catch 22.

I see your point. Please feel free to play the games you LIKE to play.

Maybe, but who says you have to eat there? I personally spend less than an hour’s pay there in a day anyway, so I have no problem with the prices.

Does the Witches House have a policy of not being allowed to bring our own games? IIRC, the copies of “Puerto Rico” , “Settlers”, “Modern Art” and “Princes of Florence” that we were playing belonged to members…

Here is my one and only rational, genuine post to this thread, and I’ll try and keep it short and sweet:

  1. The thinly veiled insults on both sides should fuck right off. They have no place here. If you’ve got something to say about someone, have the backbone to come right out with it. All these patheticly hidden slurs do nothing more than fan the flames and cause more ill will rather than help resolve any problems, which I assume was at least the theory behind this thread.

  2. Miltownkid has possibly the only sane, fully on-topic response in this thread. If you don’t like what’s happening, do something else. Don’t like that a long game’s already started if you come at 3? Come earlier. Don’t like that other people have a problem with what you’re playing? Compromise occasionally, if that’s what it takes.

  3. The thread title needs to be changed. It’s disingenuous at best. I don’t have any problem with it having been started, but I don’t think it should be presented as anything other than what it is.

  4. And this one’s the most important:

CHILL THE FUCK OUT. Take a walk, have a drink, have a smoke, have a wank, whatever it takes, but just chill out. Contrary to my previous post, Games Club is not in fact Serious Business.All this tension and ranting, on both sides, is just shitting people off, and is certainly not going to encourage more people to come.

Look, I understand where ImaniOU’s coming from - I’m generally not up for the long games either, but you know what? If others want to play them, that’s fine with me. I’m not going to dictate what can and can’t be played, nor should anyone else. To me, the games are secondary. I don’t kick up a big shit when everyone else is spending ages playing Settlers, and I don’t kick up a big shit when everyone’s got an afternoon of that Thrones thing. If there are others around not playing and they don’t want to play anything I do, that’s cool, I’ll just hang out and watch one of the games, talk shit for a bit, maybe have something to eat.

So to conclude, I refer you once again to point four, and will finish with a promise:

If this thread doen’t either stop being a childish shitfight or just stop outright, I will - will - dedicate myself to fucking it up and derailing it. Because if it doesn’t improve, it’s going to fuck up a lot more than just a thread, OK?


Seriuosly though… The Witch House is AG (all good), game club is AG and the games they have are AG.

Some people like to play games in a serious fashion, that’s cool. Others like to play the Bean game that’s designed for (twenty-)six year olds, that’s cool too.

Game Club is a club of change, hence the generic name. It was a Chess Club, now it’s not. Then it was a linguist games kinda of club thinggy for a while (and attracted those folk), then it wasn’t, then it was this, then that, then this again, then something else, etc. etc. etc.

Right now it’s a SERIOUS FUSCKING BUSINESS CLUB :wink: :laughing:

Well, I’ll be there today. Think I’ll spend the whole afternoon too (I can take another day off from Jujitsu and things, still got a hurt foot :P.) I’ll bring my Chess and Go board (like i do almost every time I come, even though no one plays :frowning:.) If someone would like to learn I’ll show what I know.

Game(s) Club is also a meeting of great minds, though some might not see it as such (I do.) With the group of brains that’s met there over the years I could assemble a crack commando unit that was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men and women promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Formosa underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune.
If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The G-Team.

Can I be Murdock?

Tetsuo, Miltown Kid,

I agree with you both.
There is certainly room for any kind of person and any kind of game at the Games Club. I hope my posts didn’t give the impression that I thought otherwise :frowning:

I also apologise for any unnecessary snarkiness. I was addressing some specific points the other posters were making that I disagreed with, and snarkyness seemed a cheap and easy way to make my point. Perhaps I should make it clear that I have a great deal of respect for ALL the other posters on this thread, they are a good part of what makes Games Club worth going to.

I went to some effort to explain the ‘situation’ as I saw it, because I think that it is important to think things through rather than just make sweeping generalisations. I apologise if that came across as being too ‘serious’ , I have a terrible habit of trying to analyse the hows and whys of a situation I am interested in. Of course, most people just don’t care :slight_smile:

You also right, this thread serves very little purpose. Because actually, it is a not a “Club” with rules and regulations and elections and committees (Thank God) and is simply a group of people who meet in a cafe on a Sunday, and happen to play games there.

I suggest it be de-stickied and allowed take its natural course.

Meanwhile, I will go off and eat some humblepie. :blush: