Games Club Sunday 26th Witches House

I thought for the benefit of those who may be thinking of coming along to Games Club, or who want to know what kind of games we are playing, this may be of interest. And those who who usually come but weren’t there, will know what they are missing :slight_smile:

The first game on Sunday from about 3-30 to about 4-45 was B, N and I playing a 3 player game of Dos Rios which was fun. A good three player game is relatively rare. I would definitely like to play it with 4 players too. This game also had a bit of ‘atmosphere’ to it, which I like since I find some of the Euro style games a little too abstract. In this game, damming the river and diverting it from someone else’s farms to your own is just plain fun. :slight_smile: None of us had played it before, so we were all equally ‘disadvantaged’. Won by B of course. I knew I shouldn’t have let him read the rulebook :slight_smile:

If you get your campesinos higher up the river, the more power you have to change the water flow how you like it. But, it takes time to get that high upriver, and there are the desperados to worry about. The curious can follow this link for more info about the game.

Next was a 4 player (Game of Thrones (GOT) once again the white (Stark) player ® wins by sitting in the North biding his time while the three players in the South tie each other up in knots. Gotta watch that sneaky Stark. Especially since in a 4 player game there is no Greyjoy player for him to worry about. Unusually for us this particular game went the whole 10 turns too. The players here were B (Lannister), N (Baratheon), R ((Stark) and I (Tyrell).

for info on GOT link here

So how many hours did GoT take this time? Eight?

It couldn’t have taken 8 hours since we started around 5:30~6ish after taking the time to explain the rules to the new player. :slight_smile:
I doubt the Witches House would have stayed open to 2AM just for the four of us :slight_smile: