Games You Like (Xbox/360, PS12P, NintendoX, PC, TI-81, etc.)

I think we need a thread to randomly snap about games we like. I’ll start with:

[color=red][Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening (clicky)][/color] - PS2

This game rocks! It’s my current game to play when I’m in the mood to smash on badies, bust caps in asses or just OWN on things in general.

The game is pretty challenging. It’s funny, after it notices you sucking for a while Easy Mode is unlocked (I haven’t tried easy mode yet.) One of the BEST things about the game (I think) is your guns with unlimited ammo. This allows you to go bananas on all the baddies in a room, even playing cheap if you want to (hiding in a corner and offing baddies one-by-one from a distance.)

The controls are really sweet too. You can quick switch between both guns (a shotgun and dual pistols) and both melee weapons (and big as sword and ice numchucks.) It would seem that button mashing would get you through the levels, but it doesn’t. Being caculated about attacking it the way to clear levels (and save energy.) You can also switch fighting styles, which comes in handy when fighting bosses (guns, melee, dash, and something I forgot.)

I know it’s a little old, but it’s very nice.

ok, the king of games was q3 (online of course) but recent cool games i like would be:

doa4 for the 360, the fest fighting game to date. period.

graw. it plays very very well on the 360 for a fps.

burnout 3 and 4 are excellent.

Burnout is very excellent! I loved those crash for highest damage levels.

you gotta see burnout revenge for the 360!!! :loco:

Fuck! I think there are enough games out there to “justify” buying one now.
(really only need a few)

[quote]Fuck! I think there are enough games out there to “justify” buying one now.
(really only need a few)[/quote]

if you consider that it’s just a pc on streoids and that you dont need to mess with drivers and tweaks, YES!

PGR3 r0xx0rz my b0xx0rz now that I’ve managed to get in some good online races. Some have been with dudes in HK whose strange language is utterly unintelligible to me. Cantonese sounds even stranger now that I’m used to hearing Mandarin despite it being the native language of every Chinese person I know before coming here. But I digress.

The two KOTORs are also some of my favorites. KOTOR has made me a convert to Bioware and now I basically live to play Bioware games. I really bought a 360 to play one game and one game only; Mass Effect, oh yeah and Jade Empire 2.

I also tend to enjoy quirky unpopular games such as Rez, JSRF, and Frequency. I’m not a big fan of Amplitude and while Guitar Hero sounds nice, I’m not into specialized peripherals.

Finally, big shout out to my favorite vampire series; Soul Reaver. I need more angst-ridden-soul-sucking-time-travelling vampires NOW.

Half-Life, Half-Life2, DoD: Source, CS, HL2:DM

Most of the major Nintendo franchises, especially Mario, Zelda, Metroid

PGR3 = Project Gotham Racing

Sorry, I post on a few gaming boards so I almost exclusively use acronyms now.

don’t worry! i think we all speak the same language here :slight_smile:

hey, i’ll add sof2 (soldier of fortune 2) to my earlier list. this was an excellent mp on pc. graphics were really nice for the time. the hospital roof map from the demo is a classic.

red faction was fun, digging holes anywhere in the ground and walls with the rocket launcher was amusing! :notworthy:

those are really good games but the fun factor is long gone… farcry on xbl is better.
hl2 on the xbox is very impressive technically, nothing you can compare to the pc version of course.

Hell yes that was. I was just talking to someone about that. Are there any games that have “advanced” on that kind of environment manipulation.

Which reminds me. I use to LOVE me some Magic Carpet. Flying around in PIMP gear smacking up on people, other pimps and monsters is a good time any day of the week.

‘black’ has some cool destroyable env. but nothing like rf’s geomod where you could literaly dig a tunnel between levels.

“energy airforce” for ps2 was a good buy i got for $250 new underneath/behind train station. seen it for $400 a few places. japanese version but has options to set everything to english. us fighter flight simulator, pretty cool you have to fly complete mission from takeoff to interception/bombing and then landing, with only standard amount of missiles/bombs/fuel plane can carry, you can vary the load as you wish. nice bargain

Which reminds me. I use to LOVE me some Magic Carpet. Flying around in PIMP gear smacking up on people, other pimps and monsters is a good time any day of the week.[/quote]
Talkin’ old school eh? My all time favorite games are the LucasArts adventure games. Nearly every single one of them is a classic. Sam & Max Hit the Road (S&M) is the funniest game I have ever played. Other greats are Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle (DOTT), Fate of Atlantis, Full Throttle and arguably the greatest adventure game ever made, Grim Fandango!

ok, you got me going… :laughing:
this (pic below) was our first ‘gaming machine’ when we were kids. it wasnt much bigger than a ps2 slim but it kicked ass. we had an external tape recorder to load game from (yes, from tapes). i remember i had a book with pages of codes to type in order to load games or softwares into memory. those were the times…
one of the games i had was a kind of flight simulator. i dont remember the name but it was freaking cool!

ok, found it. #02 on this page:

I’m currently playing Hotel Dusk: Room 215 on my DS.
It’s a walk through dark noir-style mystery that is somewhat akin to reading a book, watching a movie and playing a game all at the same time. It’s darker than most DS games and isn’t exactly for young kids though. But if you’re reading this, you’re probably not a young kid.
If you’ve got a DS, I’d highly recommend this game.

Man, all I’ve been playing lately is Oblivion. It has taken over the Xbox.

-Max Payne
-CS/Day of Defeat
-Earthworm Jim (oldie but a goodie)
-John Madden
-Sonic The Hedgehog
-Colin McCrea WRC
-The Legend of Zelda (old system)
-Battlefield 1942
-Perfect Dark


The Splinter Cell series…great fun. I’d love to play the latest on Xbox360. That and GOW.