Gangster & Lawyer Warnings

Heads up:

White-Collar Theft
I heard that a couple of years ago a child fell down and bumped his head at some large chain school, and then the parents demanded about 100,000 NT? or they’d throw a temper tantrum and make the school lose students. Well, it seems that Taiwan is unfortunately following in the footsteps of america in regards to legal absurdness, so the school gave the student the money.

Gangster Theft
In a far more hellish theft approach, I heard of a gangster child who was probably told to be an absolute devil-monster in class. One of the teachers finally smacked the kid or something like that, and then its gangster parents showed up with 20 or so gangsters standing outside intimidating the other students parents. The gangsters demanded, I think 200,000 NT. The school finally paid, and then found out that the gangsters had done that like 5 times to previous schools.

I then heard about patients at hospitals threatening the hospitals where they received good treatment. They said that they knew that they had insurance to cover lawsuits, and they were only interested in the insurance money.

Guns aren’t allowed in Taiwan, but are there any other suggestions that people have to protect themselves against these kinds of evil, 2 year old like, temper tantrum throwing thefts? Do the police respond? Or do they seem to be scared or corrupt in general?

[quote=“LV”]Heads up:
I heard…I heard…I heard…

Sounds like gossip to me.

Police? What police?

Certainly you don’t mean the officers parked on the shoulder of the freeway with their lights flasing while ‘taking a rest’ kind of poh-lice?


Perhaps you mean the officers standing at the intersection watching how someone else directs the traffic kind of poh-lice?

Either way, don’t expect too much.

IMVHO and experience, the poh-lice here are good at watching, not good at doing.

I heard that…

… these sites have a lot to say.

But if it’s real, give us a link!

I heard that hundreds of people in Pakistan have been struck dead by a phone text virus. Scary!

It’s difficult to say what is really happening in Taiwan. But there news stories about gangsters and extortion in Taiwan are not hard to find.

Big-time lawyer kidnapped, forced to hand over cash and property, his law firm denies it, but police confirm it. … 7867/print

“According to Taiwan’s NPA, the Bamboo Union’s members are involved in virtually every facet of illegal activity imaginable - from the standard activities of prostitution, gambling and extortion locally”

Local TV star paid money to former criminal, possible extortion involved - … rdid=86722

The trouble with extortion, if you pay the money, you pay to keep the bad news out of the public eye. That means we can’t determine how much extortion is taking place in Taiwan. According to the NPA, extortion is occurring in Taiwan. I believe that the two stories in the OP are entirely plausible.

Gangsters? Parasites they are …

Yea, yea, yea, everyones always so quick to make fun of gangsters, but when there’s trouble who’s the first person they call for help?

MT :slight_smile:

I’ll clarify. I heard first hand. One from the person who actually got ripped off, and the other from a friend’s, friend who got ripped off.

My first school also tried to steal 83,000 NT from me.