Gangsters making big money from prostitution

If this is just one gang collecting small protection money, then the actual income from prostitution business must be huge into the billions annually.

“collecting an estimated NT$9 million (US$291,734) over the past few years, prosecutors said.”

“money came from night clubs, message parlors, businesses offering prostitution services and “modeling agencies” that provide young women for escort and sex services,”

Awful. I’m glad they got em. And hopefully this will lead to more arrests.

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I don’t understand people who use prostitutes. Why would you want to have sex with someone who finds you repulsive? Very odd and a lot of self-loathing involved IMO.


I think for some people it’s exciting for how “wrong” it is. Or maybe they can’t get any any other way.

Self-righteous much? Of course many are utterly hopeless but that’s not always the case. Look at it as just a bodily function that needs to be taken care of like peeing or eating nothing more nothing else. Jerkin off works but not as well.
The prostitute wants the transaction to take place as well whether you want it to admit or not. The problem rises from forcing people into prostitution which is more likely to happen when it remains illegal and unregulated.
Australia and New Zealand got interesting results by regulating prostitution.


How do you know the parties involved didn’t want to do this. I’m against forced prostitution, and child prostitution. But it is work for many that puts food on the table. And they are at high risk so naturally it would be beneficial to have some protection instead of walking the streets.


Where was I being self-righteous? I don’t understand the behaviour of others and was offering a possible explanation. At no point did I take a moral stance on the issue.

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I resisted the urge for a great comeback there BD :joy: I reckon you could ask that question to many people , many reasons, other than Luuurrrvve, I surmise.

Quite interesting the people arrested were extorting from prostitution establishments but the prostitution establishments themselves are OK.

Your resistance to suppress your urges has been noted and very much appreciated.

I have no problem with people providing sexual services. I just don’t understand why other people pay for it.

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I don’t know, but it seems in cases like this it’s more common that the women end up duped into doing something they don’t actually want to do, and having to pay out a lot of their earnings to their “protection.”

I got no problem with sex work. I got a problem with pimps.

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Because for many men, it’s hard to get laid. They were just born not that attractive and are poor. There’s a lot of men out there that have very little options but still have natural desires. There’s a socio sexual hierarchy, some men are on the bottom.

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Unfortunately "pimps’ are kind of necessary for high risk work. And many women get together and have a female “pimp” that’s now older that protects them and hire people in the establishment to keep things safe. It’s a much better option than walking the streets.

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I read an article by a sex worker once who said that the punters wanted to feel attractive. As I enter middle age I can relate to that.

I think it makes good sense to have a female boss who’s been in the game for a while and who knows how to keep them all safe. But I definitely wouldn’t trust a bunch of old gangsters. I just don’t think they’d put their girls’ safety or health at the forefront.

Yeah, it depends on the nature of the relationship. But some pimps are rather fair. A taxi driver I met in the US is a pimp. But all he does it hand out numbers to people visiting and drive the girls to the location and stay outside in the car to wait. If the girl doesn’t come on time, like 1 hour, he goes and checks. He collects a percentage for this.

I think people go for many reasons. I’ve seen interviews with sex workers saying some don’t even have sex, they just want to talk or cuddle up.

Which ties in with self-loathing, or at least unhappiness.

I was thinking loneliness, and difficulty finding intimacy. But i guess thats unhappiness in a way.

This is somehow news to you? Japan’s Yakuza type organizations make billions of dollars a year. They would be large corporations if they were corporations. Taiwans organized crime makes huge dolla too.