Gaoxiong Beer Festival - what should they serve?

A friend is organizing a beer festival for Gaoxiong City Government to be held in early September. Taiwan Beer are sponsoring. He’s got the Heinekens and other big brands involved.

The benighted people of Gaoxiong deserve better. Who else should he contact? Does anyone have the number of distributors of more interesting brands?

Participation would mean having a booth, selling some beer and getting some publicity.

Respond here or message me. I’ll pass details on to the Festival Meister.

Will it be worth heading down south from Hsinchu?

It’ll last a few days, down by the River of Love in Kaohsiung with a band playing each night. That at least is the plan at the moment. I’ll post details if I get any more.

Thanks to Tigerman for the details of the Belgian Beer Man in Kaohsiung. There’s also the microbrewery (
Any more?

Dear Salmon,

My name is Gerard and I run a small company that imports over 150 Belgian specialty ales from Belgium, mostly from small family run breweries. We are based in Gaoxiong so I might be interested to participate if the conditions are OK.

Have a nice day,

Geert (or Gerard)

Hi Gerard,

I’ve passed your contact details onto my friend and I’ve sent you his email address (check your messages). Hope you’ll be joining the festival.