Garbage disposal

Is it practical, possible, legal etc. to buy and install a garbage disposal in my Taoyuan appartment.

My apparment complex does not have a garbage room or similar but you have to personally deliver the garbage to a garbage truck at 8.30 every night. At this time I am mostly not home.

My kitchen is starting to smell like a dump and the girlfriend is complaining…

Any other ideas for a solution to come around this problem?
Is there some service available where some company come and pick up your garbage at at time when it is convenient for you. If so I would gladly pay a lot for such a service!!


you could buy a cheap second hand small fridge :slight_smile: , and keep your scrap stuff bagged in there till you have time to dispose of it correctly. Will keep the smell, cockroaches and ants away. GF might think you’re 38, :loco: but that’s ok.

Good idea!



Move to a place where they take care of that for you. That’s what I did, after missing the music truck every night for nearly a month.

Is the gf live-in? If so, then you’ve got your solution staring right at you.

She doesn’t live in unfortunately…

Take the trash with you to the office, at least that part of it that is likely to smell soon…