Garbage service

The garbage truck goes past my home at 6:15 PM each day. Since I work then I can only throw out trash on weekends (if I am home).


I wish there were local bins to throw it in.

Maybe I can drop it at a local business for a fee…if they offer any type of garbage service.

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps a friendly neighbour would help out ? I think a small gift and plea for help may work ?


If I am not misstaken most neighborhoods should have someone who will throw your trash for you for a small fee (and who is already in the buisness of throwing other neighbors trash.) I used to do that before. It was a few hundred a month. If you ask around there will more than likely be someone. Keep an eye out for a person throwing an unfeasibly large amount of trash, and its that person.

I also throw the garbage out once a week. Keep the main stuff outside like inn a balcony, in a tightly sealed bucket. Fruit and vegetable peels, forensics, etc that attract flies and roaches can be frozen or at least kept in the fridge for isolation.

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Lady. Elderly. Job’s a good 'un.

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