Garcia, Grisman, Sad Anniversaries-The Thrill is Gone

We just passed the 13th anniversary of Jerry Garcia death. He was a long time collaborator with mandolin aficionado David Grisman. Bothy loved bluegrass and folk.

Here’s a good vid of the 2 with a story about drugs and music and loss.

The Thrill is Gone

Keep On Truckin!

During the 1990’s, there was debate in San Francisco over whether to change the name of Army Street (in the Mission) to Cesar Chavez Avenue (which they did). Basically area whites supported keeping the “Army” name, while Hispanics wanted “Chavez.” (The name of Navy Street had been changed years before that without much hooha.) And then Jerry Garcia died, and I thought, “Wouldn’t this be a great way to bring whites and Hispanics together? Name it after Jerry Garcia. After all, we all like the Grateful Dead.” But alas, this was not done.

Shady Grove is a great G&G CD. And Jerry isn’t dead. He played my kitchen last night, circa 1989.