Gardening tips

Bananas more or less grow by themselves here.

I got one and has not really done anything to make it grow, apart from giving it a bit of fertilizer 3-4 times per year.

I now have a banana grove. 6-7-8 of them, in all sizes.

Just realised you got a whole roof top. I’ve only got a balcony. . .but if I had a rooftop with full sun, I’d be stringing up fast growing plants, sunflowers, corn, jasmine.

Just planted a couple of frangipanis I brought back from Thailand. Love the smell of those flowers in summer.

You should make a nice area that will be cool to sit in during summer evenings. just watering a body of plants will bring the temp down nicely.


Oh hell yeah, of COURSE! Passionfruit are easy, and with a bit of ingenuity and a good length of twine you can make a cool green bower to sit under. They grow very fast – I mean several inches per day – the flowers are beautiful and the fruit makes a fantastic drink or syrup for ice cream. And the plants are cheap and easily available.
Even I have only managed to kill only one or two. This means they’re practically indestructible.

our front yard has frangipanis… they should be back in blossom soon… cant wait.

i might try and grow some toms on our roof as well. do they need shelter from wind etc? i could hide them need the water tank and see what happens… might try avos as well. exciting stuff… with toms and avos and chillis all i need now is a burrito tree and i am set.



[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]YES!



OK, so I better get a few of them.

My neighbor is building a nasty wall toward my garden, and I have to cover it up with something.

How are they with partly shaded areas?

[quote]Huang Guang Chen wrote:

Chris H

Sorry Chris H, that was to Sandy’s passionfruti suggestion. You must have just gotten in under my reply.

Toms are usually quite tough beasts, not sure how strong the wind is your way, but obviously a typhoon is no good! They do like sun. In that regard they’re quite similar to what one could call the “lounge-room” as opposed to the kitchen herbs.


does that apply to passionfruit too or did I miss something?

You can probably get two or three 2-foot high passionfruit plants for just a few hundred dollars. If your neighbour’s wall gets some sun on your side, you can just stick in a few nails and string up some garden twine for the vines to cling to and that’s really all you need to do. They’ll cover the entire surface very quickly and you can get the kids to pick the fruit.

Sorry Herr He, I think so. Mind you I;m not sure how breazy you mean. I think its fairly tolerant, especially from what Sandy’s said. I grew it in Western Australia in quite a windy plot. Seemed to fare okay.


Me thinks we are at about 2-3 hours of morning sun on a good day. :frowning:

At least I think that the girls would love it - OK I mingt jsut give it a try.

That’s probably plenty. They’re practically weeds. Here’s a site with a bit more info. It says they need full sun but mine did OK without much direct sun at all.

Kids love sunflowers too. They’re dramatic beasts and the little ones can pick away at the seeds as they play.



toms - any sun
passions fruit - morning sun?

Toms like sun, but they’re also weeds - you can see a link here, right? I’m no green thumb and so we’re talking basically weeds here not orchids. Seems Sandy’s in the same weedy league. :laughing:


Cool, will get a few for the girls and myself.

Papayas, avocados and mangoes grow easily here and if the pots are big enough papayas can flower and fruit in two years. Bougainvillea and hibiscus are easily rooted from hard wood cuttings stuck in small pots of earth – and they’re free, because your neighbors will have plants you can take cuttings from at night! Lemons and limes grow quick but get eaten by all sorts of caterpillars, along with coffee trees, which just about every bug in Taiwan wants a piece of. They grow slowly but look beautiful in large pots. Cypress vine grow well over trellisses as well as passion fruit. As for those pesky weeds, careful you don’t leave them outside in the rainy season as they will get root rot very easily and it’s heartbreaking! :sunglasses:

edit – where did those links to P-O-T-S come from? :astonished:

I found a spot in the hills above my house that was cleared years before maybe 15x15.
I have so far spent days and days hauling soil, fert and tools up there. Dug it out and so far have vine tomat, corn, carrots, green beans and radish growing well.
I use that green bug netting toi protect the baby plants and weed every 9 days or so.
Last year in a 4x4 plot I had maybe 10 12 pounds of beefy tomat. Pm me for my homemade fert recipe; it works wonders

This year I am hoping for a real haul. My entire life my Grandfather had a large garden. He died this year and this whole thing is like spending time with him.

It is a real bitch hauling supplies up the mountain but I enjoy the work you know?

Another fruit tree that grows well is “fire dragon fruit” or 火龍果…one thing that is generally true for all fruit trees/vegetables is that the soil has to be very fertile…the more fertile the soil, the better harvest you will get every year…this is more difficult when you are trying to garden on a terrace or apartment roof…where the soil really remains stagnant…so you must remember to fertilize or bring in fresh soil periodically…