Garfield minus garfield

I used to camp out in the backyard and read Garfield books by flashlight. Then I got older and everyone hated Garfield. Now I see Jon all alone and I don’t know what to feel.

This site was passed along to me by my cousin. garfield minus garfield

How can anyone hate Garfield? It’s perfectly depressing.
Garfield without Garfield is even more depressing. I quite like it, but it’s only good because the absent Garfield is so present.

I’ve always despised Garfield. Annoying pointless fluff. Charlie Brown has always been far more poignant. But then I’ve always been a fan of The Far Side.

There you go…cat people vs. dog people. Luckily nobody can disagree on cows.

Sure we can. I think cows are edible, for instance.

Garfield started out great. It was fresh and innovative. Then it just got dull and never broke any new ground. Repetitive and unfunny.

Whatever happened to Lyman, anyway?

They could call it Odie.

Far Side cows are not edible. They’re divine.

Luv Garfield. I even watch teh new computer animated series on Cartoon network. LOL.

Cats are definitely edible. Just not on most people’s menu.

Garfield would be way too fatty, but perhaps you could maybe render him down and do a sort of ‘chat confit’ thing.

Not at all my kind of comic strip, though. About as boring as Sad Sack.

I’m glad that Jon has a girlfriend. It gives Garfield something different to play off of.