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So I want to get Garmin VivoSmart 4 but unfortunately after visiting the shop they told me that I won’t be able to replace the strap if it breaks (which was the problem of my previous fitbit and samsung). And because of that, I ended up with a choice of Garmin Venu and Garmin Vivoactive 4. However, they are damn expensive. Vivosmart 4 which has the features I want but not the strap cost 3880ntd while Vivoactive 4 costs 11000+ntd. Venu cost 200 more but the difference is just the AMOLED so I settle with Vivoactive 4.

With the upcoming Thanksgiving, I was wondering what is the likelihood that this is going to be on sale in Taipei? Does Cyber Monday even exist here? I dont want to spend the money now and a week later realize that a sale happens.

If any of you know where to find cheaper price for this watch, let me knowww.

I’m going to hazard a somewhat experienced guess and say that there will be no sales connected with the American Thanksgiving holiday or the day after.

Maybe some other reason for a sale.

I was looking at a Fossil smartwatch for a long time at two different stores and they never went on sale. Maybe there’s not a lot of profit margin on wrist type devices so not much chance of a discount.

My technique in Taiwan is to visit as many shops as possible for the item I want to purchase even if it’s the same store but a different location.

And the other popular technique for many is to buy online.

Usually no, but it never hurts to ask the shop. There’s some sites that may have promotions, but if the brand is not an American brand, I wouldn’t count on it.

I am a proud owner of a Garmin Forerunner 235 and despite buying it in the states and not being able to display Chinese characters, it does fine. I normally do not take mass transportation, so I don’t really need the EasyCard/iPass integration like the other models. I mostly use it as a back up to my Garmin Edge when I do long rides and my head unit runs out of battery, I immediately switch over to my watch.

Unfortunately, it’s the same price (well, I’ve checked pchome and their site), both displayed 11,990 for Vivoactive 4. Is there any other site I could check? I saw which shows that their vivoactive is at 8894 but not sure if this is legit. (

I like the whole fitness tracking thing in Vivoactive that is why Im considering it, especially the pulse oximeter, stress tracking, sleep tracking and energy tracking. All of those are in VivoSmart but goddamn those straps lol. I never had Garmin but the accuracy for tracking was quite good according to those I been reading. How’s the longevity of the watch?

I think I’ve had it for…6-7 months now and it’s great. I don’t need it to do everything that an Apple Watch would and it’s super light weight. I used to wear a small screened Casio sport watch that I bought at Target about 10 years ago and even this is lighter despite the bigger head.

I like how you can customize the main screen with different apps from Garmin Connect and really simple features like heart rate and steps.

Is there much difference with the 3?


I have both a Vivoactive 3 and the current Fenix.

The straps (and other accessories like the charging cable) can be bought easily and cheaply via 3rd parties e.g. on Amazon. I assume it’s even easier via China online sellers on Taobao and the like.

Here’s my 3 with an Amazon nylon strap, taken right as I type this:

edit: Strap was ~10USD.

Damn, thats beautiful. I like that.

Yea my problem with my old fitness track really is the strap and since they were cheap, they are not repairable/replaceable. So now, I’m opting for something that is more permanent and if the strap breaks down I can easily have it replaced without buying another watch.

Yeah every one of my Fitbits died due to the band so I agree with you.

Also, the Garmin Oximeter is sketchy at best, so fun but mostly meaningless numbers.

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Sweet pink board bruh


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Sketchy as in inaccurate? How about the stress tracking and ‘energy’ tracking thing?

I do a lot of bodybuilding and based on recommendations, VivoActive/Venu is the best bet. Lol. I’m like an inch away from buying it. I am just waiting for that website to reply and see if they are selling brand new ones and not refurbished.

Yeah inaccurate. Of course things improve with firmware, but I remember a few months back a few different reports of the inaccuracies. I don’t use it so I never followed it up, but worth a quick search if you will be tracking it!

I bought mine online off one of the big .tw websites, I think Momo. Had a credit card promotion at the same time, might be worth looking into if you wanna spare a few bucks. PCHome, Momo etc all have rotating promotions with major card issuers here.

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Why not just buy one from Amazon? Seem to be within your budget.

Shipping cost? I havent check the cost yet. Also dont they tax you when it gets here in Taiwan? I know unless it’s from USPS, FedEx and UPS exports money.

Not sure about the Garmin watch, but back when I was considering Fitbits there were so many reports of faulty straps and necessary returns that I wasn’t willing to buy from Amazon. I guess returning from Taiwan is possible, but I don’t want to deal with the hassle. I wanted to get it from a store here in Taiwan, one that I could walk to - and more importantly, walk back to if it broke.

Xerophytes, as for cost: a lot of the time things are going to be cheaper from Amazon, even after shipping and taxes. And the availability is going to be far, far better.

Dont these have warranties anyway like the standard 1 year warranty? That means, you can have it fix in a Taiwan shop? But yes, one reason I dont like buying from Amazon is if the item sent to you is broken or non functional. I bought an airfryer and because it was bulky, they did not ask for me to return it instead refunded me in full.

I will have a look at Amazon and see. But from what I remember there are only limited items that allowed to be sent to Taiwan. Also, I’m pretty certain the tax is quite heavy because it was like if you exceed something like 50 usd, you have to pay like a big percentage of the item plus shipping cost. I know it was one of the rules that I tend to avoid iherb at all.

Also if you buy from overseas, I do not believe you are able to use the iPass functionality. How much value is in that is different to each person.

Import Tax: