Gas Bill too high?

I’m having a “discussion” with my landlord. She keeps telling my that she’s been receiving gas bills of around 3000nt every two months for the last six months. I just moved to Taipei a year ago from the south and had never seen a bill over NT$1000 (unless I forgot to pay the last bill).

I do cook a lot, but not everyday and I work 9-5 (on paper).

What’s the average gas bill for Taipei-ites? (over 1 billing cycle).

My take is the landlord is trying to take a little more cash out of the pot?

Any input would be appreciated. Tks!

I would ask to meet with the landlord and figure out why it is so high. Perhaps something is broken or set wrong. Or perhaps she is asking for a combined gas, electricity and water bill but only saying gas bill. 3000NT for all 3 is kind of reasonable (still a little high for a single person but not crazy high).

Never had a two month bill over 1000 in Taipei for two people who cook a lot.

Ask her to see the original bill she’s getting, they should have all details there.

We used 69 units for the last two month.
The unit costs 20.86 the past two month. Before that, it was 21.50 per unit.
There is a base fee of 120NT$ even if you don’t use any gas.

There is a number to the right showing the Gas-meter count as submitted for billing.
On the next line to the right is the Gas-meter count as submitted for the previous billing.

Example 2,297 S
second line 2,228 S

2297 -
2228 = 69 x 20.86 = 1439.34 + 120 = 1559.34 + a 30NT$ fee for changing the unit value from 21.50 to 20.86

Total 1,589NT$ for two month and two people household.

Another question that you need to answer: Do you have your own meter? Do you record the number every 2 months on the green paper (from the gas company) that is usually in your elevator? If you had those numbers then we could tell you more about being overcharged. I only use 10-15 units every two months and pay 300-500NT depending on the season.