Gas: piped or tank, which is safer?

At my apt in taiwan we had the two gas bottles sitting on the balcony. The way we did it was to use the newer of the two for the shower and use the older (with less gas) for cooking. This way when one runs out it will be in between a meal preparation (solvable in ten mins with a new tank) and not while in the shower in the middle of a cold front.

what i always did was to :

  1. make sure the hoses and regulators are tight, no leaking, put your nose up to it and smell for gas even, just dont take too many whiffs.
  2. then just turn the gas on bout 1/3 not all the way full, which would be too much pressure on the regulators. This seemed to work just fine for cooking and for showers.
  3. then no need to turn the bottles off at all unless travelling for a few days away.
  4. New regulators installed every year and hot water heater replaced every 4 years or so. New battery put in the heater every six months.
    This system worked well for years.

Later we got two electric water heaters that are INSTANT ON, soon as water is turned on.

Got two kinds, one for each bathroom.

One was this little electric ball that attached to the shower head. It was bout 1800nt I think. And that actually worked pretty well. NO way to take a bath with one of those but shower is fine. Winter you will have to NOT turn the water on full because it wont heat it up enough but was adequate.

The other one was a bit more polished looking box shaped thing for 3600 or so. This also was attached in the shower with the water entering it and getting instantly heated and then on to the shower head.

Both of these worked very well for years.

And actually were better then the gas bottles out on the balcony. And didnt seem to use too much electricity because one wasnt in the shower for hours.

  • prices circa 1999

Thanks for the replies chaps.

My place in Tainan had a gas water heater, but I had to pay for the gas delivery myself, whereas electricity was free, so no contest.

I use a couple of those “cup” immersion heater thingies in a jug or bucket, depending on how much water I need/hurry I’m in. I think they cost about 50NT each.

I don’t use much water though.

I’ve had one electric shock through carelessness, and I let it boil dry and melt once, so I wouldn’t say it was necessarily safe, but it hasn’t exploded.

I’ve also noticed that it upsets women quite a bit. :ponder: