Gas prices down... and quality as well?

Recently (this last two weeks) I have calculated the mileage for two different bikes, and both times it was lower than expected. As we all know, gasoline price has been going down for a while… is it possible that this situation has been seen as a chance for “watering down” (yeah, I don’t think it’s water what they put in the mix) the gas and making more money? I’m not sure at what point of the process this would be done, but something tells me that the oil is not the same as usual recently…

This has been discussed extensively before, in terms of the widespread belief that non-CPC petrol was adulterated.

IIRC there’s no evidence for this, and no plausible suggestion as to how it could be done.

In this iteration there’s the additional problem of your economic reasoning. Cheaper oil means less (i.e. NOT more), incentive to adulterate.

Not really; if the barrel costs less, the guy selling them makes less money… right?

Depends on whether they control the whole supply chain, but they’d inevitably make less money from adulteration, since the pump-price is lower.

So they’ve got less incentive to do it.

They might have an incentive to cut beneficial additives, but that’d need to be done by the fuel formulator, not at the retail level, and I doubt it’d be worth their while.

Dunno… the thing is that two tanks of two different bikes have been lower mileage than expected…

Heavier right foot/hand?

Climate may have some influence also.