Gastroenterologist/digestive problems

hey! anyone here encounter digestiion problems where they had to see a gastro doc and under go the endoscopy? where they stick a tube down your throat to look into your stomach? how was the exp? any sedation? etc? thanks

I have undergone endoscopy at several hospitals in Taipei. It’s never been a pleasant experience, but I would rate Zhongshan (中山) Hospital the most highly.

You should be given an injection to help you relax. Make sure you carefully follow the instructions about not eating.

Sorry, just noticed you are in Canada.

hey! no sorry! i was talking about taiwan though! i underwent the endoscopy in canada and all the doc did was spary my throat…and the tube wasn’t that thin…they didnt inject anything…

why was your experience unpleasant? was the tube thin? what did they inject you with? was it conscious sedation? thanks

The first one was about 16 years ago and the last one at least four years ago, so my memory might be a bit vague. I was never unconscious for any of them, and not injected with a sedative every time. I think it depends on how far down they are going. The first one I had went right into the duodenum. I was stoned for the rest of the day after that one. There was always a throat-numbing spray used, though.
The tube was always about a centimeter thick, if I remember right.

The procedure is never painful, just uncomfortable in the throat and chest areas.

The reason I recommended Zhongshan is because of the attitudes of the doctors and nurses, as well as the cleanliness of the place. I had one done at Ren-ai once, along with half the people in Taipei who had a stomachache that day. What bothered me most was the turnover rate. There surely have to be extensive disinfection procedures on the equipment between one patient and the next, and Ren-ai seemd to be going through people at the speed of holy communion. Nor did I get much explanation or advice from the doc later. Just the usually assorted candy bag.