Gay American wants to find friends and explore

Hi, I’m a visiting gay Asian-American, born and raised in California. It’s my first time in Taiwan since I was a little kid. Being in my early 20s and essentially alone here, I want to explore Taipei, especially what it has to offer its gay community.

Does anyone here know any fun places to explore and possibly meet other people, similar in age and willing to explore together with me? Is anyone willing to take me around and show me the town? I am here to have (mis)adventures and the more the merrier; boys just wanna have fun! :discodance:

I am located in very central Taipei, close to the blue line/orange line, so traveling around is not an issue for me. I also speak Chinese; not entirely fluent, but definitely enough to get around. Thanks! … en-taipei/

Welcome (back) to Taiwan. Here’s a Couchsurfing group that may have some information: 臺灣同志 LGBT/Queer Taiwan

I second what Jimipresley posted; Ximen seems to be the happening gay area of Taipei. … 3&t=105468

Also try the gay social apps on your cellphone

Also try @1.

Frankie’s Pies.

Try Cafe Dalida which is in the red theater area - very popular with the foreign crowd in Taipei. Feel free to PM if you’d like more details!

Hey I’m new in Taipei too and I really want to explore the scene too. My name is Raymond and I’m a BBC (British born Chinese - not British Broadcasting Corporation unfortunately!) I’m also located centrally in Taipei near Shida university and Guting MRT.

I’m 24 and I’m here in Shida studying Mandarin. My parents are Canto speakers so I’m here to brush up on my Mandarin.

Hi I’ve just arrived to Taipei to learn Mandarin and I’d like to explore the scene here too. I’m Irish and my name is Don. I’m here for the next few weeks and I’m trying to learn Mandarin.
I have never been to Asia and I want to explore the scene and everything Taiwanese.

I live near the NTNU where I am studying.
I know nothing about the nightlife here so defiantly want to dive right in.
I’d love to go to a gay cafe, anyone know a good one for a vegetarian?