Gay marriage February 2019 edition

Reminds me of this time last year when China said no new CCP Virus cases nationwide, and taiwan.said they had xx junber of new cases. Pointing ot common sense is fun, but falls upon deaf ears it seems.

The UN is already obsolete. Hopefully we can get an upgraded version of such a good idea without another world war. But somehow, i doubt it…


Same sex adoption was legalised this morning with barely any reporting. That was so random.


Whoaaa! Great news, @Gain !
We don’t plan on adopting, but I’m happy for all the other LGBT couples that will finally be able to have kids :heart_eyes_cat:

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Probable reason to not publicize it well is that religious nutjobs will come out to oppose it.

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let them come. I will be there to face their hatred, and so will most of my friends.


An English article, in case anyone is interested:


Taiwan’s legislature has passed an amendment that will expand the rights of LGBTQ couples to adopt children.

TaiwanPlus speaks about the significance of the amendment with Fang Chi, Director of Public Policy at Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights.


Times change

Support for same-sex marriage has increased to over 60 percent of Taiwan’s population since the government legalized it in 2019.

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60% is too low tbh. It should be >90%.

And the funny thing is same sex adoption support is higher which i find surprising. I would assume the homophobic wackjobs would oppose it more.

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What it should be is irrelevant, isn’t it? Being the only East Asian country that allows gay marriage is the thing. 60 percent is very impressive.

Where are you ever going to get 90 percent support? Brighton or San Francisco?

There are different polls but it’s usually >80% in Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands etc.

I think it’s because Taiwanese are very live and let live in general… probably have to do with Confucianism. Like very few Taiwanese cares what some other consenting adults do behind closed doors, whereas in the West they like to moralize stuff.