G'Day Cafe

I went to the G’Day Cafe after a prolonged absence, and it hasn’t changed a bit. Good food in a simple atmosphere with very reasonable prices.

For those of you who haven’t yet had the privilege of eating there, here’s the scoop:
Barbara Chang has been running the place for almost nine years now, after paying her dues working with Rainbow Lin at Grandma Nitti’s Kitchen. It’s a small cafe, with maybe 10 tables or so, and a very homey feel. Breakfast on weekdays includes bottomless coffee or tea and is cheap by Taipei standards. (I had French toast and a side of bacon for $150NT.) The place is very casual - the menus are also order sheets, so once you’ve marked down what you want you just hand it in. The breakfast burrito is also fantastic.

For lunch or dinner, the selection is good. There are forty or so different items to choose from, from Lasagna w/ garlic bread at $230NT to Chicken Curry at $140NT or a BLT for only $90NT. The homemade pies are also good, as is the cheesecake, and the brownie, which Barbara feels are two of her most popular items.

G’Day Cafe is located at #180 Xing’an Street, just east of Fuxing North Road, between Nanjing and Minsheng. Their telephone number is 2717-5927. They’re open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm every day except Sunday , when they close at 5:00 pm. (M - F they’re closed in the afternoon from 3:00 to 5:00 pm). Give this place a try if you haven’t already. :smiley:

[quote=“Fuzzball”]G’Day cafe has mexifood - sort of… Barbara makes a decent chimichanga. Well, decent by diner standards. G’Day Caf

Click here for the August 2nd, 2002 review from the Taipei Times…

It tastes better than it looks. G’Day’s steak, eggs, hash browns and toast.


On the recommendation of friends, I ate lunch there for the first time today and left unsatisfied and unimpressed. I felt the menu prices were pretty high for lunch time fare. I paid 200NT for a Caesar salad that arrived on a small plate consisting of only badly-torn iceberg lettuce, croutons, and too much dressing. It also came with 2 pieces of garlic bread that I must admit, were pretty good, but for 200NT? That’s a dinner time price for what looked to me like a side-dish salad, not a full meal salad. Weak. I assume the high prices aren’t necessarily for quality/quantity, but for the privilege to eat in a cafe full of foreigners.

i agree; my feeling is the quality has gone way down. i work at the foot of xing an st. but these days there’s so much better food around in this price bracket that i havent been there in a long time (same goes with grandma nitti’s btw)

I went there once, about a year ago, It was rubbish.


“Rubbish” is a clear exaggeration unless it was a one case rarity, I would think. I used to frequent G’Day with friends a few years ago and often enjoyed the breakfasts on weekends. Believe it or not it was the music that drove us out. Too much Kenny G or 80’s rehash. I did try to return in late June for a brunch with a friend who was visiting from out of town but they were closed.

I was in that area recently and tried them again for lunch. I had the special which was spaghetti carbonara. I took the special because when I read the price on the board outside I thought it said NT$99. when it arrived it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for but figured at least it was cheap. When the bill came it was NT$[color=red]1[/color]99, which I thought was way overpriced. When I checked on the way out whoever wrote the price made a very small one higher and above the 99.

That said, I think Barbara is on of the nicest business owners in Taiwan. When I used to eat there regularly (over two years ago) the food was consistently good, but even at that time I thought they were somewhat pricey. If they are still doing good business, which I hope they are as Barbara is a nice soul, then they are getting what the market will bear, as is Grandma Nitti’s (Rainbow is also a wonderful soul but they I find them pretty overpriced too.)

When I visited the new Bacchus Wine Bar a door or two down from G’Day they were offering to order food for you from G’Day and they would ferry it over to you at no extra charge. For the atmosphere in Bacchus I wouldn’t mind paying the somewhat inflated prices at G’Day, but not for Kenny G and folding chairs.

Considering this though, I would still recommend this place for foreigners who are looking for some good western food. They are certainly worth a try if you have never been there, as many people feel very comfortable there and don’t feel they are overpriced.

I don’t know whetehr it was a one off or not, but the food was just crap. You might say “well at least it’s cheap”, but I dosagree. It may be cheap compared to a 500NT feed at a decent restaurant, but it’s not cheap for the kind of food that it is - basically snack food, breakfast food, takeaway kind of stuff. It’s not like they’ve splashed out on decor or anything. I put G’Day a notch above Jakes, and slightly below Grandma Nittis, comparing it to other eateries of that ilk. But bascially, I think those places have all been outdone by the newer foreigner-run bars like Carnegies, Citizen Cain and Taipei Sports.


I went there in May for Sunday brunch. I enjoyed it and reminded me of “home”. Didn’t seem the price was over the top. They had this choco-cake dessert thing that was just out of this world. :bouncy:

This thread also mentioned Grandma Nittis. I found the food to be a couple notches better than G’day cafe and the portions larger. Price-wise, not bad for what I received. Time was Sunday morning when it was full – service was about as expected.

I just got served the most disgusting thing I ever had in any restaurant ever. I eat their omlets, which are very good, but tonight I ordered hash browns and they brought out a plate of over cooked grease soaked potatoes. It wasn’t regular grease it was brownish and smelly. I couldn’t get a forkful withing six inches of my nose. Maybe they had cooked something else in it first, but I can’t imagine what it could be. This place is off my list from now on. G’day.

I had a great lunch there yesterday. I had the tuna melt sandwich, onion rings, A&W rootbeer, and hot apple pie with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. It was a great lunch, and cheap too! Must remember to go back there more often. :thumbsup:

Edit: Oh, and the onion rings are the best I’ve had in Taiwan. Nowhere else comes even close.

We had breakfast there on Christmas morning. I know, that sounds really pathetic, and I guess it is a little pathetic. :blush: But it was my first time there. I never knew it was there till one day we just happened to drive past and I recognized the name. So we returned on Christmas.

I thought it was quite decent. Nothing fancy at all, but no complaints. The decor and menu are typical, slightly run-down US diner style. I was only looking at the breakfast menu and I don’t believe they had anything fancy like eggs benedict, but they did have various omelets, eggs & bacon combos, etc, with toast, hashbrowns and coffee with unlimited refills, and it tasted just fine and seemed like a perfectly reasonable price. We were pleased and will return.

Sounds like a nice alternative to the much hyped and ridiculously crowded Diner.

One of the cooks is gorgeous. :sunglasses:

Can you provide an address?
I mean, specific directions - Ha, aha!
I’ve seen some of the directions offered here to get to the diner and got lost for about an hour.

xing’an street is between changchun and minsheng. if you’re walking north from changchun, make a right on xing’an, it’s a few stores down, can’t miss it.

I love the Giddy. Barb the boss is possibly the most decent Taiwanese proprietor you’ll ever meet. She treats her staff like friends and family - I once saw her stick up to a customer twice her height because he was giving one of the waitresses a hard time. She gets my vote.

The difference between the G’day and Granma Nitwits and the Diner is a matter of emphasis. The G’day is a Taiwanese greasy spoon - note the “Taiwanese” bit in that phrase. Granmas and the Diner are Western wannabes. Staff are uptight, middle class twats.

I take my friends to the G’day whenever I can. I don’t give a shit if they like the food or not. Hell, the beer’s cold…

Keep away from the salads. Anything broiled/grilled or deep fried is excellent, and there’s always a lot on your plate.

their hash browns suck, too greasy and not fried hot enough, and the oil may be second hand or diverted from the deep fryer ift does taste a bit, plus it is too big a serve to really cook properly anyway, but it was still edible the only time i ordered it. you must have high standards for hash browns, indeed.

apart from that they are a pretty good breakfast all day place… and the servings are large enough to stock up on.

I strongly disagree with this part; you may or may not like the food at Grandma Nitti’s, but the staff are and have always been very friendly and helpful to me. I guess you had a different experience, but the owner, Rainbow, in my book, is one of the nicest people around (if i had time I could list all the amazing things she does for her staff, the strays, and her neighbourhood). Like the manageress at G’Day, however, she doesn’t put up with crap.

I hope you’ll go there again and give Nitti’s another try. They are full every time I go there, and a large proportion of the clientele is foreign, so they must be doing something right.

Try the new veggie burger. :wink: