Gender/age/occupation/location/where r you from?

Hi everyone:

Since I am so bored @ work, I am going to do a short survey here. My question is on the subjecton and please feel free to add on anything else you would like to know! :smiley:
Here is mine:
f/25/customer serivce/taipei and I am from USA- CA

And ya?

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Isn’t this in everyone’s profiles ?

Don’t ask Alleycat her sex, she’ll might lie about it.

oops. Thanks Matthew H… I totally forgot that it is on our profile…haha :blush:

m/28/English director/Taichung county/New Zealand

You seemed to think I was being serious so you obviously haven’t looked at my profile so here’s my real answer:

m/32+351days/Computer Programming/England.

but If I was in the mood I would have said something like:
yes please/too old/as little as possble/far away/size 12/Thursdays

M/39/ppermanent holiday/New Mexico,USA.

Questions like these bring me back to the days where we would crash frat/sor parties at Uni. :unamused:

F/23/teacher (but not one of those kinds of “teachers”)/Taipei/from the part of the US that says “y’all” and knows the correct pronunciation of Louisville, KY (LOO-uh-vuhl, in case y’all didn’t know).

m/28/seeking employment/Taipei county/Australia

haha DB:
Yep, those q’s used to be typical at pledging/rushing for Frat/Sort. Hmm…But where is your answer?? :slight_smile:

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m/14(before everything got cocked up)/Something with a salary and a future/Anywhere but here
or least I wish I was


I am a 38 yrs. old male from Lemoncove, CA. I am an English teacher. I have been here for 15 yrs.

Sign: Cusp (Aquarius?)
Hobbies: Aikido, Dungeons and Dragons, American Civil War documents
Frat: I Tappa Kegga

In other words, “A Lady”. :smiley:

Matthew, since you don’t wanna be here, maybe we can get away together (we are in the same boat, haha) Lets go to Bali!! :sunglasses:

DB: Lemoncove, is it in North Cali or South? Sign=Cancer (my b-day is coming up) and my hobbies r reading, playing pool and gambling! (damn, I miss Vegas)
As I mention on my quote, I am a Deltasig (delta sigma pi) and yes, I’ve hazzzzzzeeeed ppl, yep, I am bad and naughty. :unamused:

I wish I could, but if I could leave here, I would have already by now… :cry:

You’ve never actually met Im-an-iou have you ?

boy/25/Kindergarten b00n/Taoyuan County/Australia

and my cat has just run away with my eraser :x little bastard

m/23/done with teaching and soon back to a new translating and editing job – yeah!/enroute to Taipei after summer vacation/west coast of Canada

I’m very ax, thirty something, from Republic of Indonesia and working in localization industry here in

Welcome everybody!! Thanks for replying my questions, keep them coming, I just want to get an general idea of where everybody is from and stuff!!

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    Happy Friday!

M/30/sales manager/taoyuan/denmark