Gender pronouns: What are your pronouns?


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I think the answer is staring us in the face. English already has a gender neutral pronoun: “it.” And it’s already used for people in sentences like “Who was it?” “It was Roger.”[/quote]

Some people would still be offended because one of three pronouns was chosen to the detriment of the other two.

There is actually a fourth pronoun (call it a de facto pronoun if you like): “one”. But maybe the two-spirit community would find that offensive.

So I propose turning to Chinese for help.

Who was the Honorable Person? The Honorable Person was Honorable Roger. My worthless self saw Honorable Roger’s text on my worthless phone, so my worthless self immediately texted Honorable Roger back. :bowing:


No, no, no…honorifics are classist. That would be an insult to the disadvantaged and downtrodden victims that all the earnest youth at those elite colleges are working so hard to make a difference for!


Ah, but if the Honorable Honorifics are applied equally to Every Honorable One, from the Honorable Mother Teresa to the Honorable Stalin to the Honorable Person in the Honorable Street, there is no more Honorable Class! The only Honorable Exception should be the Honorable First Person, which is always worthless. :bowing:


What is this Charlie Chan talk. Sounds pretty racist. :penguin: :thunder_cloud_rain:


不才建議英文代詞之原因與陳君無關,反之係不才最近閱讀公文及判決書而學習中文代詞。無論,不才感謝臺端提出貴意見。(I’ve never liked 本人 tbh. It’s colorless yet not free from ambiguity. And I can’t take credit for non-persons being Honorable. It was a Chinese artist who proposed a charter of “Things’ Rights”, after all.)
敬上 :bowing:


I think that some of you are overthinking this in trying to accommodate these people. In some cases, this is a naked power grab. In others, it’s attention whoring. In others yet, it’s mental illness. In a handful of cases, they will leverage this into a place at the trough in academia or some other sheltered workshop. In most cases though, these people are going to fail terribly at life. In many cases, that will literally be true, since many will actually end up committing suicide because the world won’t be good enough to appreciate such special snowflakes.

Their teachers and parents should be taken to the town square and publicly flogged, if not for deliberately encouraging this (for their own Machiavellian gain or to validate their own mental illness), then certainly for their negligence. Baby Boomer teachers and parents: worst generation ever. Then again, we might ask who allowed the Baby Boomers to become this way also…


Exactly. All those tenured professorships in the Gender Studies department are already taken up. Creating a new Gender Pronoun Studies department solves this problem (temporarily at least). Why grow the pie when it’s easier to just grow the trough?


Agreed. It’s been used like this for years, and formed naturally within the organic corpus of the language.

“The protagonist, who identified themself neither as male, nor female, left the conversation, as they preferred to avoid pedantic attempts to prescribe linguistic forms, or fix them within an unchangeable framework.”

One of the words I used appears as a spelling mistake according to the artificial intelligence used by the spell-checker.


Australia of all places! Interesting

“In high school, students will be taught the meaning of terms including pansexual, cisgender and transsexual and the concept of male privilege.”


I want my third-person pronoun to be “you.” Solid English pedigree


My personal pronoun shall be “one”.

So instead of saying “I eat at McDonald’s every morning”, one would say “One eats at McDonald’s every morning.”

You may refer to one as “His excellency.”

“And how is his excellency today?” “One is fine, thank you. And you?”


how about Mr. Miss. Mrs., uncle, aunt, mom, ,dad? How do we make those non-gender-specific?


Why not just do as many English learners do here and assign random gender. “Your boyfriend she is very handsome.”


One of many reasons why when I eventually return to Australia, I will home school my children.

I wonder if they’ll include on the curriculum that men are more likely to die on the job, etc. Probably inconveniently contradicts their narrative, however.


The above request for His Majesty has been approved.

Hat tip to Margaret Wente.


Ha, great articles.

I try to think I’m open-minded. Heck, I’m gay, and I’ve experienced prejudice and hate because of it. But come on…this has gone too far.


Watch and cringe.


If that doesn’t give you a heart attack, this surely will…


Thanks for posting those. For people who don’t want to watch the whole second video (which is actually very interesting imo), I think what Professor Peterson says near the end should be noted: that if the pronouns evolve naturally as a matter of popular parlance and are not so numerous as to be a burden to memorize, he’ll reconsider his position.


Huh, Charlie Chan is not a racist. He one of my favorite movie detectives. The actors were well received in China and the real Charlie Chan was invited to the filming of several movies and got a kick out of it.
An, that way of speaking in the previous posts with the honorifics seem ok to me.