Gender pronouns: What are your pronouns?


I figured the penguin and raincloud were enough though. Too ambiguous I guess.


The PC zealots will never cease to find issues.


That’s how it starts…


If this had appeared in the Onion twenty years ago, today we’d all agree it was among their funniest bits ever. Amazing times.

She was also among the activists who pressurised a billboard company to remove a poster in Liverpool, which said the dictionary definition of “woman” was an “adult human female” because it was offensive.


It’s interesting that she developed her zealotry at university (“a temple of transgender hate”, no less). Everything that Peterson was concerned about in the video above, which were dismissed as a “tempest in a teacup”, are becoming reality.

EDIT: She’s suing him for defamation in the High Court.


I prefer shkle and shkler. Yivo loves you! Love the tentacle!


Is it just me, or does it look like someone has squashed the left-hand side of that guy’s head like a lump of plasticine?

At least he’s taking in good humour:

But yeah, it’s depressing that the police can’t just tell nutcases to go away and stop wasting police time.


At first I thought maybe he’d slept wearing his glasses and made 'em crooked. Had to stare a while until I realized no, it’s his face that’s crooked. Don’t know if he’s suffered some trauma but his left eye is much higher on his face than his right.


You are so looksist. I’ll see you in the High Court.


I’m OK with being addressed by the pronoun “Master”. “Your Worship” will do in a pinch.


Not sure if they are not getting a bit silly with all this Gender business?.


I remember there was the reversed case too. In a student competition, a male transgender freestyle wrestler asked to compete in the male category, but was refused. He ended up winning hands down in the female category, to the outrage of his female competitors and their family, accusing the transgender of doping.


In other words, he’s taking the tu/vous phenomenon and giving it a transgender spin: if I like you, I’ll call you she, but if I don’t like you, I’ll call you he (and dox you to boot).

(I’m not saying one dox deserves another, just pointing out that this case is not black and white.)


I don’t do Twitter, so I’m not aware of the entire discourse. However, that does seem to be the crux of his argument.


The only people bent out of shape over these pronouns are the ‘nouveau thinker’ JBP lovers and the Proud Boys who spend all day marinading their brains in Milo (not the drink), Crowder, and Gavin. Thinking their infantile statements of the obvious are soooooooo hilarious.

College campuses have always spewed bunk, that is what they’re there for.

Relax, no one is gonna make you say words you don’t wanna say.

Proud Boy: “Fuck that man, I ain’t learnin no new pronouns, fuck these SJWs man!”
Me: " Relax, no one is asking you to."
PB: “C-16, Jordan Peterson, Youtube, Podcast, Comedian turned rightwing knobhead because he failed in stand up, blather blather.”
Me: “None of that will affect you, relax, its just kids getting political.”
PB: “Brett Weinstein man, don’t you listen to Rogan, Sam Harris, Fuckin implied speech man!!!”
Me: “Chill, nothing will happen.”
PB: “This is why people vote for Tump!”
Me; “aiyo” walks away, sad for the world.


Honestly, you sound more angry than sad, but saying aiyo and walking away is undeniably a valuable skill.


Yeah, but thats not true.

My brother works and teaches in the field of psychotherapy. His friends which do more teaching than he does these days. Have open complaints to them for not respecting the proper pronoun.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not because they wanted to make some sort of stand, they really tried to accommodate the students wishes to be refereed to in a certain way. They just simply forgot on occasion.


not angry. I just hate the fact that every foreign male in Taiwan watches a couple of youtube videos from Jordan Peterson and then becomes some promoter for a cause that has a fictional problem.

There is no compelled speech.

It is total fear mongering to keep you from voting for any LGBT interests which are all left wing.

Its divisive and despite Mr. Peterson’s successes as a clinical therapist at the end of the day he is a theist who makes far too many calculated errors for someone who claims to be so careful with his words.


so friends of friends have open complaints. more militant trans folks.

sorry, don’t buy into the boogieman narrative.

sounds like the trans your friends of friends teach are a bunch of dicks.


What are you buying into? I dont know anyone who ever asked me to use a specific pronoun.

My brother, is in the UK and in a field where this is something. Take from it what you will, no one is selling you anything so no need to buy.