Gender pronouns: What are your pronouns?


maybe my Queens is lacking.

Let me try again:

This is not a real thing, its not a real problem. Its a distraction to create fear and mistrust of the LGBT community. To make it seem like they want to fundamentally change society.


It’s fortunate that in Chinese spoken languages there is no distinction between him/her she/he, this is pretty much a non issue in Taiwan.




The more immediate threat is trans women insisting that their significant other carry their purse.


really?. Don’t see one person on here who is Anti Gay etc. C16 issue was about the Government forcing individuals to use dedicated Pronouns, I thought? Quite a few Laws in many Countries supporting LBGT rights… As with everything, it only goes wrong when it impinges on others rights . Things lose the original gains when they are pushed to extremes


It’s a real enough thing for a police investigation and high court action for misgendering and deadnaming. After two opinionated people had an online row.

That doesn’t seem like just a distraction to me.


The difference is we don’t go telling them what pronouns to use, or else.

The SJWs are the aggressors, and not in a micro way.


It is a real thing. You’ve got your head in the sand if you think it isn’t.

If nothing else it’s a sign of rising authoritarianism on the left. They definitely want to fundamentally change society, it’s their whole point.


rising authoritarianism?

through which branch of government exactly?

if you guys stopped marinading your brain in like-minded youtube videos and podcasts that created false boogiemen for five minutes and walked around the US for five minutes you’d realize its business as usual.

but no, you want to watch some man on the street video where he interviews dumb kids at a protest.

“Look, those kids don’t even know what they are protesting…hehehehe! Liberals!”

You are exactly the same as every left winger who posted the meme with the red neck with the ‘Moran’ sign at the anti- Obama rally.

Its a perverse kind of sport, and when you chain your wagon to one side you are inevitably a clown.


The rest of your post is pretty meaningless, but to address the question, is there rising authoritarian liberal tendencies, not just in the US but in Canada, EU and elsewhere?

Pretty sure I can make a substantive case there is. Would be interested to hear the counter argument, if there is one. Other than you all are brainwashed fools who listen to Tucker Carlson.


sorry Mick, I ain’t buying the idea that straight people are being put out by gay rights.

anecdotal evidence of a person here or there being complained about for not using the proper gender pronoun is not indicative of ‘rising authoritarianism.’

Its like me saying I am oppressed because someone complained about my dog on the sidewalk and a guanliyuan from a nearby building asked me to move down the street a few steps.

“Taipei hates dogs! Dog lovers are being forced to change their behavior!”

“This is unAmerican/Taiwanese!!!”

Not a real problem, something for righties to whinge about.

Miss the days when rightwinger were hard.


I’m not a right winger and non of that has anything to do with my question. never mind, have a good day.


of course not.

you are the kind of guy (indulge me for a second as I skirt the rules) who is like every almost every other Western dude I know in Taiwan:

“I used to be liberal, man, but then I watched a few Jordan Peterson youtube videos and started wondering, why do I need to call someone ‘zee?’ (even though I don’t but that is besides the point) And why won’t people give Trump a chance? Then I realized Liberals are poisoning college campuses, they are globalists, and globalists are bad (even though I would never be in Taiwan in a million years if it wasn’t for globalization, but lets not let that reality damper my newfound political keeness).”


In the Democrat party. No platforming of opponents, accusation = proof, privilege = sin, etc.

There is no question.


Why is it when having discussions with people who have embraced this neo fascist liberal philosophy they invariably try to define who I am.

There is no moment in time I suddenly had a realization or became brainwashed to the likes of Jordan Peterson (who you seem to keep referring to).

Some things, like freedom of speech, I think are important. Now exactly why I think it is important doesn’t actually have anything to do with pronouns, or if I think people should try to accommodate people who would like to be addressed differently. I think they should, I would if I knew anyone like that.

But no one ever asks, why is free speech important, what are the implications of limiting free speech.


I don’t think liberals support free speech these days. Gender pronouns, perfect example. You are who I tell you you are, an example of that and of the authoritarianism on the left.

The yt guy Shiadoa linked to the other day, he nails it (even from mom’s basement). Some civil rights are inconvenient for the left, and can be run roughshod over.


God, this is exactly why this frustrates me. I agree with what you are saying, so not that.

I am still going to call myself a liberal, there are too many ideas on the right I disagree with. But I believe in freedom of speech, it’s people like me that these new liberals need to explain why it no longer matters. 2 years I have been waiting, and not 1 has made even has made a sincere attempt to reconcile this issue.

If you’re a right winger then you are probably either laughing or staring in horror. If you are a left winger, like myself, you are pretty pissed off and want answers. Which this smug know it all faction who wrote these new rules avoid actually having a discussion on the issues that matter.



How many times do we need to go over this?

I you think this claim is true, please show some evidence. An angry rant by a philosophy professor doesn’t cut it.


‘Brother’, ‘Dear’ and ‘Hey you’


you’re using spray paint like a fireman who can’t control the pressure volume of water going through the hose, just wildly covering everything everywhere