Gender pronouns: What are your pronouns?


It wasn’t an angry rant. The argument is that preferred pronouns will, obviously, be part of an individual’s “gender identity and expression”. Refusal to use them won’t be enough to be considered hate speech, but it will be discrimination. This could lead to some other punishments including fines. Refusal to pay fines as a matter of principle will eventually result in imprisonment.

In order for imprisonment not to be a possible outcome preferred pronouns would need to be explicitly excluded from “gender identity and expression”. Would you agree with this?


Did you even see the “ I thought ?“ or did you just ignore it ? :yum:



Dude is a solid catch-all for me. A lady is a dude. A guy is a dude. Animals is a dude. Inanimate objects is a dude.



Ditto. I call my wife “Dude” all the time.



Oh the irony to see Linehan the PC zeolot face this. Chicken comes home to roost.


It’s an inevitability of identity politics that the various identity groups will eventually turn on each other. Linehan is an old school male feminist who didn’t get the memo about transwomen.

It’s funny to observe, but worrying at the same time. Especially when it results in legal action.


I’ve been reading up on the story and it appears it all started because Linehan joined a trans facebook group to signal his support for trans rights. Hayden, a trans rights activist, made some comments Lineham considered misogynistic - and things escalated rapidly.

Linehan ended up using Hayden’s deadnames and male pronouns, which she considered to be doxxing and an assault. She retaliated by revealing the addresses of members of his family.

The court case will be interesting because, should she win, it could set a precedent that it is unlawful to reveal someone’s previous name (if they’ve changed their name by deed poll). For example, we couldn’t use Zane Dean’s. We’d have to call him whatever he calls himself now, Rafael something or other. Also, this is the first time someone has been legally punished for misgendering through pronouns.


Heisenberg uncertainty principle?


English technically would be my 4th language. Can’t imagined going to ESL class in the US learning zee and za lol. Get out of here with this nonsense.


This is at the bottom of my list of things I vote for. There’s actually real issues we are facing here. Whether a person should call someone zer is at the bottom of the list.


Well that makes my post a Jackson Pollock then. A fucking masterpiece.

All these bro-intellectuals from their ‘intellectual dark web’ (oooh, we’re outcasts, no one can handle the ‘truth’ … cue the Jack Nicholson) are the worst kind of snowflake, begging for something to be offended by, begging for oppression so they go after LGBTs and immigrants because THEY must be stepping on their toes, and they create fake outrage by being angry at things that don’t really exist.

Like gender pronouns.

This is a sad trend amongst my white male friends, I guess they want to be part of the pity party too.

“I aint learnin this fag shit bro, its man and woman, dassit!!!”

no one is asking you to.

Its the ugly half brother of this:

“if we let the gays marry, what’s nedxt guys marrying their dogs?”

Slippery slope ass clowns. The lot.



When you’re labeled as transphobic to not date a trans women it is a problem


Funny, they rarely seem angry to me. But the outrage mob on the left seems angry like most of the time.


sure, let me rephrase, they go on lengthy diatribes via podcast and youtube about the ‘oppression’ from the left.


No one is saying any of this here. But keep on beating the straw man. You can’t have a intellectual debate when you just put us in this category of people we aren’t even in and attacking a points we aren’t even saying.

I’m none white, I get more privileged points for my opinions here vs @bojack and @Dr_Milker



How dare they have their own political opinions and views!

Like the left or any other political groups don’t do the same.


This is the way your white male friends talk? Maybe you need better friends. :grin:


I’m not going to argue that there aren’t real hateful, racist, misogynistic, nasty people on the right. But please don’t act like the left are a bunch of do good angels. They got just as many nasty irrational and delusional people if not more