Gender pronouns: What are your pronouns?




Are they really?




They’re excused. :grin:




Maybe they thought you could handle it at that age - How old were you when you started learning english?

Korean’s an interesting surprise.


I guess we don’t interact that much. But mother is Korean and immigratet to Taiwan after she got married. So she spoke mostly Korean to me. And I did a lot of translations for family lol.

I was around 9-10.


Same as Antifa and the far left pontificating over the rise of fascism. That’s also not really a thing , bar a few losers in Charlottesville

Both sides of the culture war are silly


Next Wednesday is the first International Prounouns Day. Please mark it in your diaries. There will probably be an awareness ribbon.


Symbol looks like cotton candy.

Fitting. All fluff no substance.


Awareness ribbon? I should hope so. Also a big fat participation award for the lovely new holiday.


How about a blank space as a pronoun, but then again, how to know the blank space is there to represent itself? Questions questions questions


Being referred to by the wrong pronouns particularly affects transgender and gender nonconforming people. Together, we can transform society to celebrate people’s multiple, intersecting identities.

I love it. Gender nonconforming people refuse to conform, so we all must! Yay!

I also note that ominous adjective, intersecting. It’s like a fingerprint, a fingerprint put there by our lovely gender “academics.” :grin:


What I want to know is, will there be an International Prepositions Day? In the interests of fairness and everything.


To! At!

Among my very favorites.


Yeah that seems like an age where you’re young enough where the gen ed main curriculum isn’t as strenuous as it’d be that you couldn’t learn a new language, but also old enough to be really learning a new skill. Question is if it sunk in – I also took Espanol as a second language but aside from food names most of it have gone down the drain.

Very jealous of the home cooked meals you must have been treated to growing up. Even though we had a k-town in LA – people who didn’t live nearby don’t really venture out there as recent as 10 years ago. Now korean bbq is a must try for any friends who visit.


Can I choose a preposition as my preferred pronoun? This would make me a member of a new minority that deserves a voice…or possibly another part of speech.


Maybe the quality I most admire about you, your unwavering commitment to diversity.


Back at ya. Us talking animals gotta stick together…we have that form of intersectionality in common.