Gender pronouns: What are your pronouns?


Actually my Spanish helps and confused me learning Italian.

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My pronoun is Grandma.


Comrade Bojack, those ribbons that you are so devoted to are the badge of slavery. Can you not understand that liberty is worth more than ribbons?


“Misgendering a transperson is an act of violence…whether intentional or not.”

And now they’ve got the law on their side. Also, what happened to the black woman? It appears they decided not to include her contribution.


Only people who have never been punched in the face can write sentences like this.


“Ok boss, the video is finished, ready to upload”
“Awesome, let me just have a quick…holy fuck…there’s only white and asian people in here”
“Goddammit, I’m sorry, I didn’t…”
“Well now it’s too late to interview some rando!!! Can you at least change the thumbnail??”
"Sure can do!’

that’s how it went.


I think perhaps this may actually be a big part of the problem.

People who live in genuinely violent societies don’t have time for this sort of nonsense. Our parents and grandparents - those who either fought in WW2 or grew up in its aftermath - know what violence is all about. What we’ve got here is a generation of 20-somethings who probably got sent on anger management courses if they had a minor scuffle in the schoolyard. They have no fucking clue what the word ‘violence’ means.


Yeah. Not to trivialize the real violence that happens to the LGBT community, calling “misgendering” a form of violence is absurd. This kind of thinking is the product of coddled Millennials with too much time on their hands to obsess about every slight, real or perceived. What ever happened to “sticks or stones may break my bones”?


I disagree with you on this one Finley. They start with the premise that something should be illegal (or prohibited). Then work backwards to find a word that suits their needs, in this case violence.

Violence as it is defined in the dictionary contains physical and verbal examples of violence, it is the former we normally associate with illegal acts of violence, it is the latter which they have latched onto. From Cambridge dictionary.

actions or words that are intended tohurt people

The logic therefore goes, misgendering a person is going to hurt their feelings, violence is defined (in part) as words that are intended to hurt peoples feelings, their feelings are hurt by someone misgendering them, therefore deliberately misgendering a person is an act of violence and should be banned.

Just saying, it’s not because they can’t differentiate between the two, it’s being used that way because it’s a means to an end.


You could be right, but then the question remains: why are they doing that? What’s the motivation?

I suspect they genuinely do believe that it counts as “violence”. They say they feel mortally wounded by such trivialities because they genuinely are mortally wounded. Why? Because they’re squishy little marshmallows who probably need waterboarding, just to clue them in on the historically-accepted sense of the word “violence” (Cambridge left-wing doublespeak notwithstanding - Orwell must be spinning in his grave).


To make it illegal or prohibit people from misgendering them. Being an assault victim and on the receiving end of violence is a much more convincing argument than “my feelings are hurt”.


A lot of the people who spout these ideas probably believe them, but to the progressive academics who come up with this stuff, it’s all about the struggle for political and cultural power.


There’s certainly that, but I might add if “my feelings are hurt” becomes the new basis with which we make laws, there will be a never ending list of grievances to deal with.


Yes, and that’s just the way they want it. Of course, they haven’t carefully considered the consequences, as usual.


I’m a white heterosexual man. I’m at the top of the privileged through birth hierarchy. However, simply by declaring that I identify as a woman I can immediately move myself pretty close to the top of the victim hierarchy.

It’s not surprising that TERF women are pissed off about this.


Indeed. Who suffers when a man who identifies as a woman takes part in a sporting event? The woman who comes second.

Who suffers when a man who has enjoyed male privilege throughout his life decides he wants a bit of female privilege as well?

It’s staggering how feminists bend over backwards for the trans/non-binary community. Their choice, I guess.


My daughter and I were chatting SHE, and I were wondering. In English all you have to worry about are pronouns. But what about those languages like Hebrew and others in which the verb actually has to change for the gender of the speaker.
And what about languages like Spanish where object have genders. Can a table go trans?


My table is currently in a trans-curious phase. I’m not sure which way this one will go.


As long as mine doesn’t chop off a leg I’m good with it.


In Italian not only are things male or female similar to Spanish. But also big or small. Very offensive language to large and small people.