Gender studies are nonsense with zero scientific, rational or logic basis to them - The Gender Equality Paradox - Documentary NRK - 2011



I think when we created the LGBT forum the purpose wasn’t really to provide a platform to attack the LGBT community per se. This whole discussion should really be in the Open forum no?


I guess you are right. I mean, I just wanted to share the video but I couldn’t help it I entered in rant/discussion mode… and then in a more casual insulting mode too.

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EDIT: I moved. However, I wanted to just post the video and perhaps discuss it. What has happened is different, and I don’t want to bother people in the LGTB forum (even if it looks otherwise).


The truth is obvious to me. Men are genetically inferior to women (except the women that act like men.) They have all of the traits associated with destroying a functional society. I, as a man, have had a tough time coming to this realization but its simply undeniable. Its time for women to take control and the men can get back to playing checkers and tossing the pigskin.


Is that what they call it these days?

The self-flagellation that some men indulge in - possibly as a side-effect of the “hear me roar” brand of feminism - is unfortunate. It’s true that men do some bloody stupid things. Women do different stupid things. Neither sex is capable, by themselves, of being anything more than they are. The tragedy of everyone pretending to be all the same is that people are ridiculed for having precisely those talents that might rein in the worst excesses of Humanity.


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@jesus80 it’s a half hour video. Can you just tell us when the interesting parts are?


You could start by reading Shere Hite and Masters & Johnson (noting that two out of those three researchers were female). If you can overlook an unhealthy obsession with ‘tossing the pigskin’, a lot of their work touched on gender issues. I’ll look up some less well-known researchers when I have time - I can recall the outlines, but not the names.


Keep watching!

(the parts I like the most are the interviews to the gender “researchers”, but I think that it’s good/important to watch it completely, even if the description I made before in another post is enough to understand the whole thing).


I mean like “at the ten minute mark, we see…”.


a balding guy?


No idea, I gave up after one minute! :idunno:


I don’t think people realise how hostile an all male or all female environment would be for the opposite sex.

Studies have shown that in all girls high schools, the majority of the students choose science. The reason why there aren’t many female employees in an engineering firm or there isn’t one male nurse in that specific hospital is probably because, well, the female engineers and male nurses feel uncomfortable working under such scenarios.


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NO. Watch the video. Or read what I wrote. Norway was the TOP 1 country in terms of gender equality. You know what women choose there? typically women’s jobs. Much more than in other countries with less freedom. And it’s not an exception. Why? clearly not for the reasons you said, but because there are things that certain minds are more inclined to do. It’s stupid to think that hormones affect our bodies but not our minds, don’t you think so?


These are all your assumptions.


This seems highly unlikely; in all-male schools the students choose a broad variety of topics, and I don’t see why women would be any different. It’s also dangerous to draw general conclusions from situations involving children/teenagers, who by-and-large do what they’re told, and are more susceptible to peer pressure. You’d be able to check the strength of such effects by tracing the subjects 10 years later and checking whether they’re in science-related careers. Can you reference specific studies? I can’t find any hard numbers.

Incidentally, do you realise you’re actually suggesting that men and women are inherently different in their susceptibility to social pressure … and therefore may be inherently different in other important ways?


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Our inability to see or not see doesn’t change what is. Or, indeed, what is not.

You’ve just done the very thing you recommended we shouldn’t.

Who suggests otherwise?


I was approaching gain’s position from his own viewpoint. If (as he asserts) women and men are interchangeable pawns, then there would be no logical reason to assume that women’s decisions during high school are made in ways that are different to men’s.