Gender studies are nonsense with zero scientific, rational or logic basis to them - The Gender Equality Paradox - Documentary NRK - 2011



The problem is that things like “gender studies” impose a way of thinking that it’s far from being correct, and you can not have your own opinion or say what science says because then you’re offending, oppressing, mistreating minorities, and saying horrible things.

That and positive discrimination, that when it’s not correctly used it’s as bad as negative discrimination.


I see what you mean. I remember at my workplace in the home country, they always had some sort of minority engineer conference. I avoided those like the plague because I prefer to be a good engineer instead of a good woman engineer.


Just posting this for the sake of it.

I love Sweden.:sweden: :sweden: :sweden:


All it shows is that kids can be conditioned into believing in gender non-binary just as much as gender binary. It’s still all just conditioning.

What are the odds of their eldest child believing themself to be both a boy and a girl? Either it’s due to genetic factors, which would mean that gender is not a social construct, or conditioning, which would mean that non-binary is a social construct and therefore not real.


11:10 explains why this is harmful…even abusive imo. I believe in individual identity, but now it’s like saying behaviors and characteristics of girls or boys in general are somehow negative…

yes, they said they let their kids be a cat if they want to…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I find it no less distasteful than religious fundamentalists indoctrinating their children. Asking a little girl everyday which pronoun she wants to identify as when she’s already clearly uncomfortable with it.

Those kids will rebel and end up as neo-Nazis. Trust me.


I just don’t think they know wtf is going on. I mean just because someone likes pink, long hair, dresses don’t make you a girl today. It almost looks like they are forcing gender identity on them instead of their purpose of letting them be kids.


Exactly. Encouraging your son to wear pink and answer to a traditionally female pronoun is only reinforcing gender binary stereotypes. If gender is a construct then why make such a song and dance about it? I couldn’t make it to the end of that video, but it was like watching a bunch of retards trying to hump a doorknob. Gain loved it, though, so maybe I’m wrong.


It’s like they are giving things gender by trying to avoid it. Like omg pink, thats feminine, but boys can also wear it, but girls can also wear it, but it doesn’t make a girl a girl wearing pink. It’s all big mind fuck of things to avoid and by trying to avoid it, it becomes a big deal. Like every little thing…omg is that a boy or girl thing…

What if I tell you, you can call yourself a boy and use he/him and still wear pink, like dresses, have long hair, etc. I wear pink all the time, I liked it since I was a kid and I give zero fucks what anyone says. I have pink muay thai shorts that I fight and train with. If you’re focus on the color of my shorts…you’re probably going to take a long nap getting in the ring with me.

At some point, you have to come back to reality and society. As much as I’m going to like dressing as chewbaca to watch star wars this week. I know i’m not really a wooki. You can be a boy or a girl and enjoy all of the fun things of individuality.


I don’t love it. I find it amusing.


Apologies, I did you a disservice. Thought for a moment you’d bought in on the nonsense.


He/she/thye like it actually :stuck_out_tongue:


This is my concern for those kids, young boys and girls don’t differ that much in personality traits in documented studies. And they don’t differ much in physical looks. Of course it’s easy to see how they can not really need fixed gender identity. They haven’t developed their sexuality, I imagine this i’m both gender idea will get really confusing once they start to develop their sexuality. They haven’t developed physically…yeah it’s pretty easy for boys to look like girls and the other way around. But say that once puberty kicks in and a man who’s a tall, wide shoulder, sexual organs develops, muscly, with a full beard…I’m not sure it’s as easy to just have long hair, wear pink, paint nails, and wear a dress to look like a girl.

In the video, the “mapa” even had to take the kid to a special school to put them in a bubble of neutral gender…the mapa even wanted to meet and write to other parents to make sure they understand the child. That to me is a bit clear that maybe it’s not realistic. You’re suppose to prepare you kid for the world, not put them in a bubble and project your own issues onto them.


Sounds like an episode of Nip/Tuck season 5… :smiley_cat: