General dress sense for Buxibans?

I’m moving to Taipei at the start of the new year and just wondered what the general dress sense/code for most buxibans is. I know each buxiban will be different, I’m just looking for a good generalisation.

Is it a suit and tie type of deal (overkill I know), a more relaxed business casual or do they let people teach in whatever they want?

I recommend a Versace tuxedo.

However, before you go out and get one, do a search as I remember this topic came up not so long ago.

Long pants and a collared shirt will work fine.

It depends upon where you’re from. For Canadians, sandals are mandatory. You know when you go through passport control? The guy there will look at your feet. The guys at customs will also inspect your bag for footwear. If you’re not Canadian, don’t worry.

Here are some threads that discuss the topic: … 5&t=112776 … 35&t=93523 … =35&t=4126 … 35&t=62412

This is a brief discussion of what to wear for Hess: … 35&t=52318

I tried to open the links and they were broken. Could be something on my end. I actually have been searching the threads for info on work attire as well and have came up with very little. Perhaps a few more nudges in the right direction?

They’re working fine with me.

Pants (trousers) and open neck shirt seems to be the overall consensus, but it depends on the age group you will be teaching. You can dress more casually with the younger learners. A few schools (such as Shane) demand ties, but they are very much the minority. As with any job you’re almost certainly going to be told in the contract what kind of attire is expected. Similarly smart casual for women.