General health screening for old people?

I heard somewhere that old codgers over 40 are entitled to free (NHI) annual health screening.

Can’t see any prior threads about this. Any of you lot had it done? What does it include? How do you arrange it? Do you literally just turn up at the nearest hospital and ask for it? What’s it called (in Chinese)?

I don’t have any particular health worries. I’m just after getting my money’s worth, Victor Meldrew style.

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Don’t know about that, but my youngest often opines that they should have to pass a test before they’re allowed to walk around outside.

Just go to your GP, he’ll write a document that gives you access to a free pee, blood test. Testing for liver, kidneys, STD’s, cholesterol, and other stuff.

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Nah, that’s the young people. They need to be trained to lift their heads away from their cellphones before being allowed on the sidewalks. :grandpa:

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That’s included in the standard NHI test for over-40s?

Taiwanese people certainly must be having more fun in their later years than the decrepit folk back home.

No, it’s referring to the old fucks that cross the street any time, anywhere, totally ignoring lights and walking right out into the middle of traffic.
Maybe you’re one and that’s why you never noticed.

Some good stuff there, but I’m not primarily interested in the a-la-carte pay services. Was more curious to hear from people who have had the NHI standard package (if there is a standard? - I’m still not clear on that).

Pfft. I’m the old grouch shoving young people out of the way. The ones shuffling along at 1.8kph, blocking the stairs four-abreast, completely unaware of where they’re going, what’s around them, or where they’re supposed to be.

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I’ll take a picture of the freebies as per the big placart at our Catholic hospital. After 45 you get free mamogram/prostae. At 50 I think it is colon/stomach camera exploration for free. The older you get, the more goodies they throw.

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Don’t know that, just sounded fun to add it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, it is standard free.

Older Taiwanese fill the hospitals. Sometimes I think just for the AC. More often than not, they volunteer as guides and helpers and just cahtting with patients.

Some old farts need that too!

Jesus if they is giving out free prostrates I’m there. Mine is flying on a wing and a prayer.

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Yep. After they remove the old one!

I grandfather lived to 94 with a cancerous prostrate for the last 30 years. It’s a gnarly old organ.

In all seriousness, guys get breast cancer too.

soooo … how many of you guys have had one of these checkups?

I mean the other stuff. Not the STD check.

I had one this year. Now I’m on two pills a day for high blood pressure.

I had a few, always the same, too much this, not enough that. Liver works great, kidneys less, blood sugar borderline …