General Lazyiness Recommendations

After I post, the page reloads to show my post in the thread where I posted it.

How ironic. :homer:

However, nowadays there is not a “view new posts” thingy to click on at the bottom of the page where I’m, and I have to GASP! manually scroll up the page to hit “NEW.”

I mean, sheesh, how much work need I DO to use this site?:roll:

Can’t we just have a “NEW” clicky thing at the bottom like we used to?


Working on the sitemap right now (look down) :slight_smile:

[quote=“Goose Egg”](look down) :slight_smile:[/quote]You spelled “Taiwanease” wrong. :wink:

You can bookmark this and stick it on a button in your web browser. It’s even better than the new clicky thing on the top of the page because you can click on the new posts button in your web browser when you aren’t yet on and you’ll go straight to the new posts page. … d=newposts

Somebody wrote how to do this elsewhere, but I forget where (that’s how I learned how to do it).