General Question

I’ll graduate this year with a BA in History from Acadia University and will be doing a Bachellor of Education after that, will I be able to command a higher salary because I have an education degree? I also have TESOL certification and 4 years of teaching experience in Taiwan as well. I really want to return to Taiwan and would prefer to teach in the public or private school system, not in a Buxiban or a kindergarden. Any ideas?

Not if you work for my old school… :unamused:

As far as I know, no. The places I’ve seen that dish out a higher salary usually do so because you can speak Chinese.

If you are certified to teach in your home coutry you can get an ARC from a public or private school. Though I don’t think it pays much more and classes can be quite big.

Public school programs often do not pay more and sometimes pay less than buxibans. I am not too sure about the private system. There are benefits to working in the public system like generous vacation time (summers are not paid) but you will likely have over 700 students (about 32 per class) who you will teach only once a week for 1 period. You may not see the same degree of improvement in your students after a year of teaching as you may see in a buxiban. You will likely have a local co-teacher with you in the class which can be as good as it can be bad. If you are a certified teacher, you should have no problems getting in to a public program, though you may want to check out international schools if you are a little more serious about the teaching thing. Most international schools require a minimum of 2 years teaching experience in your home country but many schools can bend with that depending on supply-and-demand. About the teaching, I can say that after a year in the public system I still feel pretty good, whereas my friends teaching back home in Canada are broken, tired and ready for a month of (paid) sleeping.