Generous mechanics

There’s a motorcycle shop just down the road from me that I’ve taken my bikes to quite a few times for the odd repair, new tyres, etc. They’re always very friendly and helpful, and the one guy speaks pretty good english. Anyways, today, out of the blue, they gave me a call and asked me to come to the shop, because they had something for me. So I went down to find out exactly what this was, thought it might be some kind of promotion or something… They had an almost-new fairing (upper and lower) for my RZR! Which they gave to me, and fitted for FREE! :slight_smile: How cool is that?? They said that they had found it amongst some junk in their storeroom, and remembered that my fairing was pretty shabby (it was scratched and cracked and had a few holes in it… :blush: ) so they thought that since not many people ride RZRs these days, they’d just let me have it. Awesome huh? :smiley:

Dam! That’s nice. So where’s the catch? There’s always one.

No catch… seriously :slight_smile: I offered to buy them a case of beer but they were like, no, the boss doesn’t drink…

Give them a red envelope for Chinese new year. I don’t think they can refuse that. I have a mechanic that does lots of nice stuff and refuses money…I gave him a pretty big hoen-bow. Which he then tried to spend on me. But yeah…sometimes you can meet some pretty nice mechanics.

Trapjaw, that’s great.

I’m sure it would interest others in Kaohsiung if you could post info about the shop in this thread:
Recommended Mechanics
[Recommended mechanics

Will do.