Gentlecavemen prefer blondes?

Cavegirls were first blondes to have fun

I call bullshit on this one. I’m a northern European by genes and I’ve always preferred brunettes. Which isn’t to say that this isn’t scary sad

I didn’t read the link, but I’m with you there. I just find blondes annoying to approach. And brunettes are hotter.

About one year ago I dyed my hair red. Before that I was blonde.

Must say red is more successful. :sunglasses:

I’ve always found red hair a turn-off, myself.

However, the hottest girl in my highschool was a redhead. All the guys wanted her. It was not because of her red hair. She was thin yet had enormous…well, you get the picture. To be honest, hair color is down the list compared to how hot the body is. It’s not that important, unless you’re a fetishist.

FYI, natural redheads have the softest hair down below.

This evolutionary biology stuff has a lot unanswered questions. Like, so if blonde hair was evolved to attract mates, then why did white and Asian women evolve so differently in the chest area? What was the biological advantage in Cro-Magnon China in having flat-chested females? Why did African women develop huge posteriors? Inquiring minds want to know.

I’m partly to blame. Sorry. :blush: Now that I’m an old man my hair has turned almost light brown, but when I was a child it was so golden blond it was almost white (my mom’s a blond). It made no difference to me but others apparently got pretty excited about it. Now, I have a daughter by my Taiwanese wife and, of course, her hair is not blond at all but is a light, ordinary, brown. She’s a beautiful little girl and I love her dearly but, I must admit, sometimes when I see children with really blond hair I’ll have a slight tinge of regret that I didn’t father a child with a Swedish woman instead of Taiwanese, so my kids would have such light, golden hair.

What’s your age? Isn’t there time enough to still do that too? :laughing:

Yea, but the wife might not approve. :s

Most redheads I’ve met have had extremely volatile personalities. I don’t care if it is smooth as silk down below, if the “firebush” is gonna make your life hell 25 days out of 30, I’d prefer sandpaper.

Always preferred brunettes myself. Part of the reason I find Taiwanese women so beautiful. Long jet black hair. That’s what I’m talking about… :wink: