Geography Olympics

Geography Olympics
See what score you can get.

Taiwan is at the top of the leader board at the moment which means Taiwanese really know their world countries or they’re cheaters or perhaps a bit of both. [edit - in the time it took to write the post Taiwan has slipped to fifth place!]
I got 70%. I screwed up on Vanatua (?) and Micronesia - I know it’s over there somewhere, but where exactly? I ran out of time on the final question.

Before you take the quiz you can practice at Test Your Geography Knowledge

I got all the infrequently heard-of African countries (Swaziland?! Zambia? Guinea?) But I did get Eritrea correct. As for my score, well, I’m too embarrassed at the moment.

Gonna start studying and keep trying, though!

Scored 90; improved South Africa by 2.33%.


Goddamned Africa, how dare they have so many countries! They’re making me look stupider!

Cool, scored 80%! Increased South Africa’s standing with a further 1.42%.

This is an interesting site to visit if you have some free time!!

Enjoy :smiley:

I should sign up…I know alot about my country, umm I think it has a couple “E’s” in its name…or was that “Y’s”…whatever.

I got 40%. I have decreased my country’s score by 0.004% and I apologize to people of my country. But that is more a reflection of my country’s bad education system on world geography! (Ya, blame it on someone else, how typical of us.) I thought the quiz would be on questions about my country, not identifying world countries. If it was about my country, I’d get at least 70%…

I’d like my two minutes back!

93% I couldn’t find Namibia… got it confused with Angola :s Blah!

Your impact:
And you have increased your state’s score by 0.012%

Your impact:
Congrats, you have increased your country’s score by 0.001%

I got a 5000 more tests to go to be statistically significant :laughing:

80% = You are closing in on perfection, but not there yet

Missed Malawi and confused UAE with Saudi Land (got Saudi - nixed UAE)

Fun game. Thanks!

I knew there was a thread about this game already.

Finally got a perfect score! No West African questions- unfortunately, by that time I’d gotten p-o’ed and was playing for North Korea .


Your Score 100.00%
Taiwan’s Previous Score 77.206%

Taiwan’s New Score 77.210%

Your impact:
Congrats, you have increased your country’s score by 0.004%

You can thank me later. Well, me and questions that involved Taiwan, Finland, Canada, Mongolia, Egypt, The Holy See, Monaco, Italy, Jamaica, and Tonga (needed an atlas for that one). Too bad I used my other chances lowering the score for the US.