George Bush & al Qaeda Oust Aznar

In what is probably one of the strangest unintentional political alliances this century, George Bush and al Qaeda have successfully managed to have a Bush ally thrown out of power in Spain’s national election yesterday. al Queda’s bombing plus the universal dislike of Bush and BINGO! bye bye Aznar. Osama, one more in Rome and Berlusconi’s on his arse. Whoopee!

The German radio just reported that the (new) Spanish government will withdraw it’s troops from Iraq!


Whether this is a good decision remains to be seen, but in the short-term it sets a dangerous precedent as it will give Al Qaida momentum and more reason to do these kinds of bombings since it may be viewed as a success because the bombing was able to single-handedly result in the departure (and implicitly defeat) of a “foreign occupying force” from the “holy lands.”

i think this will only encourage more bombings.

I’m not aware of the popularity (or otherwise) of the Aznar government, but this kind of statement seems unfounded. Perhaps Aznar would have been beaten had the bombings not taken place.

The PP was said to be winning the election before the attacks (not Zapatero’s party) and 90% of the Spanish popolation objected against joining the war against Iraq, millions demonstrated against it when Aznar said he would support it - so the attacks may be seen as a payback by the Spanish people if it was indeed Al Kaida.
As well people were probably unhappy about the statements re the attackers, i.e. Aznar’s government insisted that ETA was behind it but then more and more started to point to Al Kaida.

Thus it might be reasonable to conclude that they voted for Zapatero to “punish” Aznar for giving Al Kaida a reason to attack Spain and that they felt the (Aznar) government kept the truth from them.

From “Be the last to know”:


Internal tracking polls predicted last Wednesday that the PP would win, but Thursday’s terrorist attacks in the capital changed everything, one analyst said.

The upset was widely interpreted as a rebuke to Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar’s strong support for U.S. President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq, which 90 percent of Spaniards opposed.

It was also seen as a criticism of the Spanish government’s handling of last week’s bomb blasts. Initially, government authorities said they suspected the Basque separatist group ETA – whose terrorist attacks the ruling party has staunchly put down in recent years.
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BTW: Latest / other reports say Zapatero plans to withdraw the Spanish troops only before June 30th if the situation in Iraq does not improve, so no final decision is made yet. It seems however they plan to pull out by June 30th anyhow.
See also the CNN report above.

All the analysis today was that the bombings influenced the election outcome in favor of the soicalist party.

That’s all that is required to spur on these assholes to try it again.

It’s a pity the war on terrorism got so severely side tracked into the war on Iraq. I know we’ve got the Grand Strategy now. That should hold us all in good sted, in the year 2130.

I’m not aware of the popularity (or otherwise) of the Aznar government, but this kind of statement seems unfounded. Perhaps Aznar would have been beaten had the bombings not taken place.[/quote]

No. He as on the verge of winning. This result has only shown the near universal dislike of Bush in Europe and shows that Bush has made the world a less safe place. I am currently too pissed to argue at length right now with Bush apologists but the world will be a much better place when Bush is gone. I abhor these bombings but I hope the American people begin to realise that their leader must go to make the world a safer place,


Support for Bush plays right into al Qaeda’s hands. The stupidity of the gung-ho American approach to terrorism has seriously backfired. A terrorist attack on the Whitehouse taking out Bush will elicit few tears in Europe. Forget America with their guns ‘n’ ammo, America, with its near bankrupt economy is nearing an end; frat boys with their Neanderthal chins and their bravado have had their day, The New World has failed, the Old will take over and harmony will prevail. Enter stage left, exit stage right.

Well, thanks for stating the case regarding Spain. I’m well aware of the hatred for the Bush regime across Europe.

Having said that, I

clinton in power didn’t do much to prevent numerous al qaeda strikes around the world. and this was the president who turned down the opportunity to capture osama when he was offered up on a platter. i’m sure if kerry gets elected all the terrorists in training will give a great cheer and foresake their lives of pointless violence. :unamused:

“Certainly the people of Spain are lucky to have Jose Maria Aznar as their president at this time” George W. Bush

and certainly Americans are unlucky to have George W. Bush as their prime minister at this time too.

May I remind everyone that there was an al Qaeda plot to blow up 10 to 12 airlines crossing the Pacific in 1995 and the first World Trade Center bombing was 1993. Face it, they declared war on us, the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Jews and Christians and hell even the Shias a long time ago. Wake up! They are not going to go away. One of the al Qaeda planks is recovering al Andalus, hello? that is Spain and Portugal. If they want to leave Iraq, that will set a dangerous precedent of rewarding terrorism. If Spain leaves, oh well, I guess America will just have to find another 1,000 troops somewhere else.

Since Bush, America has not been attacked, we have mopped up Afghanistan, put Libya out of business, exposed Pakistan’s illegal trade in nuclear weapons, boxed in Iran, pushed reform in Saudi Arabia, forced Gulf states to monitor the financial flow to extremists, have the Abu Sayyaf on the run in the Philippines, Syria on the defensive, Sudan moving to end its 30 year war against the Christian south, Somalia under control, Pakistan ending its support for insurgents in Kashmir and talking peace with India and this is a disaster? AND all of this in essentially two years. Remember that Pakistan and India were ready to start a nuclear war over Kashmir just four years ago. This is about making the world less safe? What the hell is wrong with you people? Pull your heads out of the holes in the sand and take a good look at the situation. Once we are through with toppling the regimes in Iran and Syria, you all can go back to playing politics in Never Never land but not until then. Jesus it’s like fighting with your 16 year old son or daughter about why they cannot have the keys to the car when you caught them driving 90 under the influence.

And the KEY thing is to wait and see. Will Spain REALLY remove its troops? Let’s cross that bridge when we get to it.


I didn’t see toppling Saddam Hussein and liberating Iraq in your litany of ‘missions accomplished.’

Losing your grip, old man?

The right thing for Spain to do now is pull its troops out of Iraq and send them to Afghanistan to join in the hunt for Osama bin Laden where they should have been all along.

Yes and toppling Saddam in Iraq. Well let’s see what happens with the latest offensive. Maybe we will get luck and get Osama and Zawahiri this time. But we know where most of the al Qaeda are and it’s in Iran. Hence, we must get them next or next next.


Why would anyone need or care to comment on what one individual chooses to do. His issue. Let him and those who care deal with it.

bumpity bump

consciencious objecting can be reasonably debated when there’s a draft. in a volunteer military it’s just silly. don’t sign up for the military if you think you get a veto over which countries you get sent to.


What does for lack of heart mean? Do I support the war? Yes. Do I agree with Flipper’s point? Totally. Do I know what the hell you are talking about? No. Do I think that you are trying to bait me? Yes. Next question please…