German Beer

Anyone know where I can pick up some German bottled or canned beer around Gongguan / ShiDa area? It’s for a friend for a birthday… oh and recommendations on good brews would be cool.


Goethe? Oma Ursel?

City Super? Jason’s?

welcomes have erdinger.

Make the trip up to Breeze (supermarket, B1 I think). Take a full wallet and wheeled luggage to bring large quantities home in.

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Tsingtao is German brew.

Yummy too.

[quote=“Cervantes”]Tsingtao is German brew.

Yummy too.[/quote]

Chinese … no?

that stuff that Kim Jong Il has made for him is German brew. He imported the entire brewery. See if Drinks imports any.

(How did that get past the sanctions?)

Any St.Pauli Girl there? Its made by the same people who make Corona and Rolling Rock.

Not sure about German beer, but Gong guan is a haven for belgian beer. Pop into co 2 (cafe odeon), near lane 86 They are bound to have a few german beers in the fridge.

[quote=“teggs”][quote=“Cervantes”]Tsingtao is German brew.

Yummy too.[/quote]

Chinese … no?[/quote]

Germans settled at the Tsingdao island in the late 19th century, set-up the brewery (they just couldn’t live without it) and when they left the island, the Chinese took over.

tastes like sweet watery crap now, though.

I prefer it to Taiwan beer, though. A least it tastes a little like beer.

I’ve been spoiled by Erdinger and Paulaner.

Unfortunately, for it then becomes hard to find good beer in many places after you’ve stepped up.

I do like Yebisu here.

I remember well the daze when one could stumble into pretty much any mom & pop grocery store and come across a wide selection of good bottled German beer. It would often turn into a competition, as after the stock was exhausted, then that was it.
Shame, really… :cry: