German Economic Conditions

Pretty tough enjoying one’s post war freedom when there are no jobs to be had. So what has happened to the German economy? Unemployment at 10 million! WTF. So much for efficiency…

Friedrich? Bist Du da?


efficiency reduces labor no? :idunno:

Indeed and they should empower them economically. The Romany Gypsy (second hand, usually stolen, used) flea market economy needs a boost. It has never fully recovered from the loss of so many Gypsy economists during the pogroms of WWII. There was a Plan to revive the Gypsy economy but whenever the victorious Allies, principally the British with some overseas help, went to hand them a cheque, they had moved on. It also didn’t help when their capital was designated Bucuresti one day, Sibiu, the next, Timisoara at weekends etc. That’s why the Germans were given massive post-war reconstruction aid but look at them now. Gone to the dogs and a with bunch of “Arme Ossies” to mother. :loco:

Deutschland ist herunter gegangen! Mein Gott!!! :unamused:



Deutschland ist herunter gegangen! Mein Gott!!! :unamused:


What is your point there? Where did Germany step down from?[/quote]

From being on top of the economic pile.



Read the news if you are interrested in the German economy.
Try some of the these links:
The title of your posting emphasizes a connection to the German past not to the recent economical problems. Or do you see the cause of the problems in the German past?

Oh Fred of course i am sincere about you.
Well, what is the news about Schroeder and Fischer.
Schoeder still wants to sell weapons to china, even Bundestag and Bundesrat voted against that.
Fischer has trouble with his ministry and of course there still is the visa affair he is involved in.

One of the problem of Germany are its mindless bosses. Blabla gets you in high positions, the less you know, the better. Then facts do not stop you from fantasizing.

Let me compare my TWN bosses to the bosses of my ex German company, which got broke [had BMW, German Bank, Dresdner Bank, VW, Audi, Siemens, SAP as cutsomers, how could it ever go broke that way, sigh]:

Germany: friendly people hardly knowing the name of their company, spending all day … somwhere out, but NOT bringing back customers. One was said to like to watch the afternoon TV shows.
Another boss (200 kg) was stealing from my company. The hero secretary brought him to jail, in cooperation with the work council (more a security council).

TWN: the bosses are a couple and the best workers in the company. Fast and they know everyhing! They are involved in everything starting with the drinks orders and ending with the OEM/ODM deals.

Taiwan ho! [what does this mean…?]