German Embassy selling their 520i BMW Limousine

Until very recently we had a 3 series that we held onto for fourteen years. Very reliable. Somewhere around the eight or ten year point parts became a lot cheaper to buy when serviced at the dealer. The BMW service people confirmed that parts on newer cars were simply priced higher.

Mechanically, ten year old Beemers are fine. Well, maybe a stuck Vanos valve or a timing chain.

It’s the electrics, and more specifically the sensors that will drive you nuts and ruin your day. Wheel speed sensors especially. Everything depends on them in newer BMWs. Also oxygen sensors. They are simple enough to replace yourself if you know what you are doing.

And invest 200 USD in a diagnosis computer to check and reset codes.

The German Institute Taipei is offering its office car for sale. This sale will be conducted by means of auction. Please submit your bid via Email (must include scanned written and hand-signed bid) or mail by 3rd March 2021, 13:00. All bids must be hand-signed.

Manufacturer: BMW
Model: 523i
Color: Black
Construction year: 06/2009
Mileage: 87.000km
Transmission: Automatic
Engine: Petrol, 140kW (190 HP)

  • The car was purchased directly from BMW Germany and imported to
    Taiwan in 2009
  • The car is accident-free and has been serviced regularly by BMW Taipei
  • TÜV safety standards were passed in 03/2020 (TÜV Rheinland Taiwan)
  • Test drives can not be arranged

Note: I am not involved. Just relaying information.