German Gets a Taiwan Beating

Anybody catch that story. A German business man was bad mouthing Taiwan :noway: outside a 7-11. So the local guys started to tune him up. :help: He was loving it. :lovestruck: Laughing and smiling. :laughing:

Strange what people will do for fun. It’s in the Apple Daily, Sunday March 7.


The 7-11 outside Spin (Jinshan and Heping) by any chance? I’ve seen a bunch of fights there, and even gotten into a fracas there once myself. Must be great entertainment for the clerk working at that location. :slight_smile:

PS Great avatar, BTW.

No. The punch-up happened in Taizhong. The German’s surname is Shroeder or similar (based on the Chinese version). Judging by his girth, he spends quite a lot of time in the Bierkeller.

Don’t screw with gangsters. You will never win. For example that poor OB-GYN who got his tendons slit.

Is there an online link? I think I might know the German in question.

I guess every city in Taiwan has a freaky 7-11. We have one in Kaohsiung also.

the beatings will continue until the morale improves.

It appears the man had been drinking in a nearby pub earlier in the evening.

he then went to the local 711 to buy some things and had some trouble at the counter, saying some foul words in English and then getting angry and pulling the elecitrcal cord for the cash register out of its socket.

So the clerk called the police. Then a passerby came by and starting arguing and trying to kick the dude. apparently he was drunk , as someone suggested above post. Funny photos in Apple Daily on Sunday.

How did the Apple cameraman get notified so quickly? Police radio?

The German in question wasn’t Rascal was it? :smiling_imp:

What had the doc done? When did it happen?

Of course not, I am a peace-loving lefty. :stuck_out_tongue:

Something fishy about this whole thing…a photographer for Apple just happened to be there when the kicking started? Doubtful.

The ob/gyn doc in question gave a mafia guy’s gf an abortion. After trying oral medication, he then surgically removed the fetus after which the girl fell into a coma. Not pleased, the mafia guy either went with buddies or sent some buddies and cut the tendons of the doctor, both hands and feet.