German Shepherd Available for Adoption

Charlie is a wonderfully natured but protective male German Shepherd. Although in his golden years, Charlie is a tough cookie who loves to go for walks, and will jump in the car without being asked twice if he knows you’re taking him somewhere. The plus side to Charlie’s age is that this will not be a long-term commitment, but for that time you will have a wonderful companion to share your life and love.

He is neutered and fully vaccinated and in great health, though he does need a healthy diet to keep his immune system in top shape, and lots of love. Charlie is one of those dogs who’s just happy to lie by your feet and keep you feeling safe and warm.

If you have the heart to give Charlie a loving home for the last few years of his life, we would love to hear from you. He is a great character, and despite his advanced age, dominates some of the more troublesome dogs at the Animals Taiwan holding centre.

Once trained as a guard dog, Charlie will let strangers know that they are not welcome, but he has never hurt a soul - he relies instead on his menacing stare and growl and the stranger’s common sense not to try his luck. :slight_smile:

He is very easy to train, quiet, and loves to cuddle. If you’ve ever had a German Shepherd as part of your household, you will know what an incredibly good family dog they make.

To meet Charlie and try him out as part of your family, please contact myself via PM or email Kim at We would love to hear from you.

Thank you!


Charlie the German shepherd is still looking for a loving home in which to spend his golden years.