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I stumbled about this article this morning: A German guy who has a Taiwanese passport. Has anybody heard about him? What’s his story? Similar to Poagao’s?


There is an extra slash in the URL you gave. Delete the final slash or click here instead.

I thought if you were willing to give up the citizenship of your home country, then you could become a naturalized citizen of Taiwan. Hmmm…but perhaps it isn’t that easy. As for Poagao, I thought he was adopted by a Taiwanese family when he was twenty-something? Please help us out here Poagao.

Thanks, Juba. I tried to edit the link but didn’t manage :blush:

Thanks for the correct link.

So, anybody heard about him? He’s some sort of business guy, isn’t he? I found a couple of pictures but no info.


Kaigo Co., Ltd

KAIGO CO., LTD. was established in 1978 as an exporter experience in a
wide variety of sporting goods, leisure wares and toys. We love
challenges. And this challenging spirit stimulates us to offer the
best services to our customers.

5F., 47, Chung Shan N. Rd., Sec. 3, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-25954212, 25975250
FAX: 886-2-25955726
Est. Year: 1978 Employees: 30
Capital: NT$ 5,000,000
Board Chairman: Mr. G Keim-Theophile

E-Mail: , Website:

I don’t know the guy; but I’ve never had any trouble using my ROC passport abroad so far. The onl,y trouble I ever had with that passport is, ironically, trying to gain employment at the GIO. :shock:

There’s hardly any information in the article, actually.

Is he really German? He looks Chinese. Is that his pic above?

this guy is listed a member of the german-indonesian chamber of commerce. Is he multinational passport carrier?


Gerd Keim-Theophile
Thomas Hidayat
Thomas Rene Christen
Ramona Eileen Ting
Traute Haryanto
Tri Adhyaksa
Ugi Widodo Sugihono
Oliver Walangitang
Bruce E. Wallace
Andreas E. Warburg
Wibisono Wijono
Wilfried Wiesener
Axel Wittek
Ulrich Zimpel

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Although he exhibits a Chinese facial expression, I can assure you that he is German and that is his picture.

did he marry here?

Why are you asking these stupid questions, Formosa? Hobart’s already posted the guy’s phone, fax and e-mail address. If you’re so interested, why don’t you just pick up the phone and call him?

I can assure you he’s real and definitely German, because I met him in October.

Thanks , Juba, I just did.

Interesting man.

Um, formosa? Since you had some questions earlier and just talked with the man, perhaps you could fill some of us in as well. What’s the rest of the story?