Get her what she really wants this Christmas

There seems to be a lot of married men on this forum. I know picking out a gift for any occasion can be tricky, and perhaps stressful, too. Being able to know what your mate would like without spending too little or too much is hard enough. But have no worries, The Telegraph is here to help:

I believe most on this forum, if not all, are married to Taiwanese

In that case, in the interest of efficiency, perhaps we should hold a “key party.”

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If I wanted clickbait articles filled with poorly argued trash opinions by awful people I’d check out HuffPost. This is basically an instruction manual on how to be an emasculated cuckold.

Also the article is 80% hidden behind a paywall.


When i read the title I could have bet anything on the huff or salon being the source.
The telegraph…do’h

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I’m sure Gain will argue why it’s an important think piece, and why we’re all sexist monsters for not agreeing that wives should get a “cheat pass.”

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“My friend doesn’t want his wife to fuck other people. And that’s a problem”.

That would be a killer title for the huff/salon!


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I’ll take a pass


Because nobody would click on “Surprise! Fidelity Turns Out to Be Important in Most Relationships.”

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Clinical psychologists are getting out of the drug rehab business and into marriage counseling and identity crises. Tinder must be tempting.

I bought my wife a vacuum.

They always enjoy a dick in a box

This comments reeks of toxic masculinity. Very problematic
Don’t you know that cuckoldry is the thinking man’s fetish?

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No such thing as toxic masculinity in this day an age. Most mens balls have been removed, not by feminism, but by their own kind.

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Good job. You almost had me there for a moment.

Nothing says “I love you” more than “clean for me, Woman”

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I initially thought the cheating was going to be eating out/ordering food for Christmas instead of cooking after work.

I know you modern guys do your share of shores and most already eat out on special occasions, so this does not apply.

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It depends on what and how.