Get well e-card for Iris

My friend and co-moderator of the A&E forum fell down go boom…shattered elbow…big “ouchy!”
Hope the reconstructive surgery went well this afternoon.
Can I sign your cast?

:flowers: for iris.

Fall down go boom? Were you checking out cute guys instead of watching your step? :wink:


Ouch! I hope you feel better and get all better soon.

Poor Iris! Do you need anything? Let us know…


Hope you’re going as well as can be expected with a smashed elbow :smiley:

Have some hand-pickeddrawn flowers!

Fast recovery and be well! :sunglasses:

Hope you feel better soon.

…and all through the painful recovery, just remember - You’ll probably NEVER EVER feel this bad again! :slight_smile:


Iris, it sounds like maybe you don’t bounce so well. (

Something about ‘shattered’ and ‘elbow’ in the same sentence that makes me wince. Ouch. And I do mean ouch. :frowning:

Get well soon, Iris!!!


Gute Besserung!

Tell me if you need one of those magic yellow papers my mother in law always gives to me against all kinds of sicknesses.

So now Wolf gets the forum all to himself. Did she fall or was she pushed ? :ponder:

Get well soon Iris, Tuesday is missing you :taz:

Hope you are recovering and OK soon Iris. See you at Alleycats sometime soon.

Get well soon. Enjoy the break! [someone had to say it!]

Thanks, guys :notworthy:

Sorry, Wolf, no cast to sign. But you can have one of the splinters they removed :wink:

Gosh, what a weekend. Amazing how fast you can end up in general anaesthetic :wink: Looks like a couple of GT, writing a text message and not watching the lane in front of Brown Sugar is a good recipe for that :s

I won’t get much of a break (unless Spack plans to pitch in for me :wink: ), so you’ll probably see me around.

Thanks again

Sorry to read of your accident Iris. Get well soon.

I held the bone fragments (3) in my hands. Yowza!
I still think she ought to put them in a glass vial and wear them around her neck.

Iris’ elbow is still a bit poorly she can’t straighten it, and even though it doesn’t hurt anymore, she still wants some more sympathy :flowers:
I did offer to straighten it by pulling on it, but she didn’t want me to, there’s gratitude for you, I was only trying to help :snooty:
Impressive looking scar though, she showed me at Happy Hour. I offered to show her the scar on my upper thigh in return, but again I was rejected.

Anatomy, BFM. Learn some. That’s not a scar. It’s called your arse-crack, and no wonder Iris didn’t want to see it.

Iris, hope your arm’s feeling better in spite of Big Fluffy Florence Nightingale’s ministrations. So does Jojo, by the way.

BFM wrote:

You only offered to show her by lifting up your pant leg…if you’d offered to drop them to show her… :sunglasses: