Get Well Soon, Mrs. Maoman

Mrs. Maoman got hit with appendicitis on Thursday, had surgery that night, and gets out of the hospital today. She’s doing fine.

Thought those of you who know Maoman and wife personally would like to know so that you can send your get well messages.


I wish you a speedy recovery V!!!

Wishing you a safe and fast recuperation!

Oh dear. That sounds terrible. I know it’s a routine operation and all, but it’s still gotta suck. Best wishes from both of us for a speedy recovery, Fuzzy!

Tell me where she is Maoman, I’ll deliver her my own personal strip o gram. That should get her laughing!
Seriously, get well quickly V !

A quick and speedy recovery to Mrs. Maoman.

Maoman, best of luck to V. Let us (or me) know if you need any assistance with anything. I’ll keep you in my prayers V. :rainbow:

On the plus side, at least the medical turnaround was pretty bloody quick! Hope you’re coming along OK!

Get well soon Mrs M!

By the way, I recommend pethidine hydrocloride for post-operative pain. Tell them to stick their paracetmol and go straight for the legal heroin. Brillo. Almost worth having the operation for.

All the best


Get well soon! You’re too damned cute to be sick.

Oh, gosh! Hope everything is well. Best wishes for a quick and speedy recovery, Mrs. Maoman. Maoman, polish up on your bedside manner and get that fine woman of yours some tlc and some breakfast in bed.

All the best,

Ouch! :astonished: Get well soon V. Best from me and M. Be sure and swing the lead for a couple of days :wink:

Thank you everyone! I still feel sore, but your messages make me feel a lot better. Tomas thank you and Amanda for coming to see me and giving me the flowers, vitamins and the juice! You guys are really great! :rainbow:

Get well soon.

What up V!!!

Get well soon. :notworthy:

Best wishes and get well soon!

So its been nearly a week since your surgery. Where’s my DINNER? :fume:

Hope you are feeling a lot better today.
Take good care,

Yes, I hope that the Mrs. gets well quickly.

By the way, does anyone know what brings on attacks such as this? Does it just come out of the blue, or is it perhaps triggered by something?

I thought that by asking this question I could make this entire event into an additional learning experience for the rest of us. I hope that this is appropriate . . . . . . .

:blush: … I must be the least observant person I know… I never see these threads on time…

Hope you’re already fully recovered Mrs. Maoman!..

+1 on Hartzell’s question, what brings on this kind of malady?..